7 Tips And Tricks To Help You Choose Stylish Yet Comfortable Sandals

Summer is the time of beaches and fun. Being outdoors in the heat means wardrobe changes, ditching our heavy clothing in favor of lighter layers. Along with your shorts, you’ll need a great pair of comfortable viakix sandals.

Picking the right shoes can be a difficult process for many. Adding the complexity of sandals just increases the number of decisions that need to be made. Not only do you want comfortable summer wear, but you want them to be comfortable too.

You can end up trying on shoes for hours if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Luckily, you can go to the shoe store prepared. Check out these 7 tips for choosing the right sandals.

  1. Fit your Foot Shape

Sandals come in many shapes and sizes. There are minimalistic ones, like flip flops, and full coverage hiking sandals. Most people are hoping to find an option that falls somewhere between the two.

A good place to start is with your foot shape. For the sandals to be comfortable, they need to support your whole foot, making sure there is no overhang. By matching the sole shape to the shape of your foot, you’ll be sure to have protection along every inch.

  1. Get Some Arch Support

Feet seem pretty simple but are actually very complex. Each person has a different foot shape, their toes aligning at different lengths, and arches of varying heights. To keep your feet healthy, you need to support your arches with the right type of shoe.

By providing appropriate arch support, you keep the pressure you put on your feet evenly distributed throughout. This helps keep your feet from getting sore, but it also helps with stability and balance. Properly supporting your feet will also help with your posture, which can lessen back pain.

  1. Match the Sandal to the Activity

Finding attractive shoes is often a big part of the shopping process. Looking for a pair based on style alone is a recipe for disaster. To be sure you have the right pair picked out, you should match the sandal you’re choosing to the activity you hope to wear them for.

Sandals have a surprisingly large amount of options based on the activity they will be used for. A nice option for summertime fun is to have a pair of water sandals, that are meant to be worn in the ocean or lake that you swim in. These help to prevent scrapes and sores from rocks, logs, and other debris along the beach or bottom of the water.

Other options include sandals designed for specific sports usage. Hiking, golf, and running are all types of sandals that are designed to be good for a certain activity. It is easy to choose the perfect pair when so many are crafted for just what you’re interested in.

  1. Backs and Straps are In

Shoes come in so many styles, sometimes it is hard to stay abreast of the current fashions. This is no different with sandals. A lot of changes are made in the market, but straps have stayed in fashion for a lot of it.

It’s important to have adjustable straps so that you can get the right amount of tension for your feet. You wouldn’t want to walk around all day with straps that are too tight, squeezing your feet. Just as bad are straps that are too loose as they let your feet slide around, making it easy to injure yourself.

Having a strap along the back is another good idea for keeping your feet comfortable and in place. When there is no support in the back of your shoe, you need to keep your shoes on another way. This usually falls to your toes, either curling to grip or squeezing together around a peg in the front.

  1. Find your Solemate

A good sole is the foundation for a good shoe. With so many materials available to create shoes with, there are more options than ever to sift through. Find the perfect construction doesn’t have to be difficult, though.

When picking out shoes with the right sole, you want to find a material that is not overly porous. As your feet sweat or you walk in water, the shoe should let the moisture roll away or evaporate rather than holding it against your feet. The pruning of your skin is not the only issue that can arise from having your feet wet for extended periods of time.

Another quality to consider is the cushion and give of the sole. There are many types of orthopedic options, some very similar to the memory foam used on beds. The material used in these shoes will both support and cradle your feet, providing a more comfortable experience.

  1. Be Kind to your Toes

Our toes are often the first casualties of owning the wrong sandals. They get stubbed on debris, cramped from being in odd positions, or blistered from not fitting correctly. Keeping your toes secure will alleviate a lot of the discomfort experienced from other sandal options.

With sandals, a lot of the work to keeping your shoes on comes from your toes. Having support under the toe, usually in the form of a raised line, helps to keep your toes where they belong. Along with keeping your toes in place, make sure you are picking sandals that do not let your toes hang off the edge.

  1. Shopping Tips

There are many types of shoppers. Some like to do it for fun, and others only for function. When shopping for shoes, these tips apply to both kinds of people.

Shop at the end of your day, or after a particularly long walk. If you go in with fresh feet, you may not get a real feel for how the shoes will fit and if they are comfortable. You want to be sure that you’re not ready to toss your shoes after your first outing.

Consider closed-toe options. Though a lot of us think of sandals as something open, exposing our feet completely, a closed-toe sandal can still let your feet breathe just as well as a flip flop. Play around with the different types until you’ve found your perfect fit.


Although sandals are a style all of their own, they don’t have to be minimalistic and hard on your feet. There are many options that come with a variety of comfort items built right in. Gone are the days when flimsy, foam flip-flops were the only sandal option.

Give your feet some love by making sure they fit well on the sole of the new style you’re trying out. Having so many options, you’re sure to find the exact pair that will be comfortable and attractive. Try some of these ideas for comfort, your feet will thank you.