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The Head of Steam menu review

The Head of Steam menu review

Prior to last week, my only taste of any food at The Head of Steam on Temple Street was a bit of pizza at my Christmas gathering,… Read more »

Things to Consider While Pairing Food and Wine

For thousands of years, the wine industry is booming exponentially. Wines are prepared with great delicacy, and each of them has distinct flavors. According to science, taking… Read more »

Better alternatives to the National Lottery (Health Lottery, Postcode Lottery, Irish Lottery)

Since its launch in 1994, the National Lottery has made thousands of Millionaires. The lottery has also raised millions of money for charities and good causes using… Read more »

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a free Bosford Rose Pink Gin at Bitters N’ Twisted venues

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Bitters ‘N Twisted Venues have teamed up with Bosford Rose to treat 50 of their customers to a free Bosford Rose Pink Gin!  … Read more »

Kay Mellor’s Band of Gold at the Alexandra theatre review

Kay Mellor’s Band of Gold at the Alexandra theatre review

As a fan of the original tv show, which first aired back in March 1995, I was excited to hear that the world stage premier of the… Read more »

Reasons to Choose Vaping Over Smoking

Reasons to Choose Vaping Over Smoking

We are all aware of the threats that smoking poses to our health. Yet more than half of the world’s population elects to do the same. It… Read more »

5 Novel Gift Ideas For When You’re Incredibly Broke

It’s always a bad feeling when you want to buy someone a gift but your wallet says otherwise. However, with a lot of creativity and maybe just… Read more »

4 Ways for College Students to Protect Their Eyes

Eye health problems are a common modern condition among today’s younger generations. And, what’s even more concerning is that, at the way things are now, this problem… Read more »

Locals fire walk for breast cancer

A breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Haven, is asking local people from across the West Midlands to walk across fire to help raise funds and awareness of… Read more »

The Nightingales have an exciting year ahead

Seminal Birmingham cult post-punk band ‘The Nightingales’ have an exciting year ahead – there is a new album coming out and a film later in the year… Read more »

Slag Mag returns with International Women’s Day Festival

The Serious Ladies of Art and Gigs are fundraising with an all dayer on Saturday, March 7th. Birmingham’s arts and gigs collective Slag Mag (Serious Ladies of… Read more »

Brum’s self-love dance party just landed and it’s getting rave reviews

Brum’s self-love dance party just landed and it’s getting rave reviews

Girl Therapy is a community of self-love gravitated millennial women in Birmingham, originally put on the map with their widely read daily emails (the daily mini self-love… Read more »

Digbeth First Friday 7 February 4pm until late

This February, get out and about, discover something new and enjoy the fantastic independent culture Digbeth has to offer! On offer this month: Centrala: Paulina Korobkiewicz –… Read more »

Six Nations – Credible 80s – Posh Hot Sandwiches

Sound check… one, two Pioneering live music and DJ sets from some of Birmingham’s best, music is the beating heart of 1000 Trades. See more on Facebook. SATURDAY… Read more »

Can England secure their first Six Nations title since 2017?

With the 2020 Six Nations Championship getting underway next month, England will be hoping to secure their first title since 2017 – when they lost only to… Read more »