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Birmingham Gaming Scene 2019

Birmingham Gaming Scene 2019

PBirmingham has a lot going for it as a city to visit and a place to live. There’s plenty of green space, shopping, and nightlife that includes… Read more »

When Aston Villa won the European Cup

English teams may dominate the Champions League this season, with Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool all vying for a place in the semi-finals, but… Read more »


After 365(6) days of pure wedded bliss, what gift best suits your partner? Most people recommend going with tradition and getting your significant other something made of… Read more »

8 tips for newly qualified drivers

Congratulations! You have finally passed your driving test, and you can’t wait to tell everyone and celebrate becoming a fully-fledged, bona fide member of the qualified driver’s… Read more »

Grace and James review – Stitch and Sup-wine away the evening!

As we celebrate the equinox and lengthening sunlight, it is a time for reflection, looking at the past days and planning for the future. And to be… Read more »

The Modern Mead Co – Original English Mead

Opening the UK’s first cocktail bar & Meadery The Vanguard @ 1000 Trades, Birmingham in February 2018, the team has turned their sights to bringing mead to… Read more »

The Advantages Of Making Your Own THC Vape Juice

Although the quantity of cash still in your pocket when you make your own THC vape juice is exciting, it isn’t the only benefit. Even if it… Read more »

Birmingham is the Second Most-Stressed City in the UK – Here’s How to Cope

Birmingham is the Second Most-Stressed City in the UK – Here’s How to Cope

Birmingham may have an awful lot going for it, but there’s clearly still a long way to go. A nationwide survey in 2017 of the biggest cities in the… Read more »

How to Transform Your Online Retail Dream Into a Reality

Birmingham is one of the most economically diverse cities within the United Kingdom. A growing number of professionals are now migrating here in order to examine and… Read more »

Marie Curie’s Great Big Daffodil comes to Birmingham to launch the Great Daffodil Appeal in the Midlands

To launch Marie Curie’s biggest annual fundraising campaign, the Great Daffodil Appeal, local mum Tracy Inman was one of the first people in the West Midlands to… Read more »

Hit the Town: 5 Birmingham Spots You Need to Hit Up on Your Next Night Out

Hit the Town: 5 Birmingham Spots You Need to Hit Up on Your Next Night Out

No matter what kind of day or night you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Birmingham, where our more than 42 million visitors per year just… Read more »

How To Plan A Successful Family Party

Organising a big family party is no trivial undertaking, but it needn’t be a huge chore. As with most things in life, the secret to success is… Read more »

British racing weekend experience the Chateau Impney Hill Climb

WORCESTERSHIRE, UK: £500million worth of classic cars, supercars and hypercars are set to feature at the fifth edition of historic British racing weekend experience the Chateau Impney… Read more »

Chloe Foy BBC One To Watch 2019 at The Victoria, 12th April

This Spring Chloe Foy is set to embark on her debut UK tour, playing 11-dates over 21 days in April. Starting in London on the 4th, Chloe… Read more »

A Guide to the Midland’s Best Racecourses

A Guide to the Midland’s Best Racecourses

Very little can match the thrill of a night at the races, and thousands of spectators flock to their local tracks on a regular basis. Evening racing… Read more »