The Best of Brum

‘Best of’ articles written by our contributors to help you find your way around Brum.

A movement that can’t be ignored – The Best Vegan Cuisine in Birmingham

Christmas over indulgence true to you? Vegetarian but considering vegan? Embarking on Veganuary for a challenge? As the fastest growing food movement in the world, restaurants are… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons Birmingham Is A Great Place To Live

As Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham is famous for many things – The Bull Ring, Spaghetti Junction, Cadburys chocolate, playing a major part in the Industrial Revolution,… Read more »

New Kids on the Culinary Streets of Brum

Our city is paired in Michelin goodness with Edinburgh to have the most accoladed dining spots outside of the big smoke. Our homegrown talent continues to grow… Read more »

What to do if you absolutely cannot avoid being in Birmingham

Whilst the thought of having to spend time in Birmingham was once a daunting inevitability, the city now boasts a surprising array of enjoyable things to do…. Read more »

Weird Weekend Escapes in Birmingham

Looking for something a little bit different? In need of the weird and the fun? Spice up your weekend and have fun while you’re at it with… Read more »

7 Unique Things Birmingham Has to Offer to Traveling Students

Many students get the chance to travel during their studies. Whether this is part of a study abroad program or a holiday between semesters, students want to… Read more »

Winter Fun in Birmingham

There’s no denying it; the nights are drawing in, there’s an undeniable nip in the air and, dare I say it, Christmas is fast approaching. After such… Read more »

Where to go for the Best Nightlife in Birmingham

Where to go for the Best Nightlife in Birmingham

Whether you’re in town visiting or you are a local looking for somewhere different to hang out this weekend, Birmingham has plenty to offer when it comes… Read more »

Five of the Best Date Destinations in Birmingham

Five of the Best Date Destinations in Birmingham

We might be a little biased but, in our humble opinion, Birmingham is one of the best cities in the world. Chic, cosmopolitan and most definitely up-and-coming, it… Read more »

The Best Brunches in Birmingham

The Best Brunches in Birmingham

We have Brum Brunch Covered. I had always been lead to believe that brunch, that delightful meal that is sandwiched between breakfast and a late lunch was… Read more »

The Best Street Food Places in Birmingham

Birmingham’s street food has come a long way since Alex’s Pie Stand of the city’s 60s Brumbeat era. Let’s not forget that infamous Indian street food cuisine… Read more »

Sun and the city: Birmingham’s best rooftop gardens

Sun and the city: Birmingham’s best rooftop gardens

I am like a stuck record currently, a Victor Meldrew, ‘I just can’t believe how hot it is!’ I am certainly not grumbling but after a hard… Read more »

Birmingham’s culture for visitors by Imogen Burgoyne

Birmingham is a vibrant hub of culture and tradition where the streets teem with history, the arts, and a chance to explore a fascinating heritage. Sometimes referred… Read more »

Birmingham Craft Beer: The Growing World of the Traditional, Original and Small Batch in the City.

Is the haze craze getting you in a daze? Can’t decode the blackboard of beers at your local bar? What is the craic with untapped? Want to… Read more »

Top 5 Birmingham Bakeries by Rhiannon Simpson

I have tried going carb free before, generally due to bikini times approaching but my down fall is always bread! The light fluffy delight that can be… Read more »