Time Square

Time Square are Birmingham’s premier official servicing and repair agent dealing in pre-owned watches and fine Jewellery.

Many consumers are aware that during the last few years the Great British love affair with the Swiss watch industry has seen some dramatic changes, and collectors or enthusiasts demand, and expect, more value for their money – which is exactly what you get with a quality ‘pre-owned watch’.

Time Square are able to take advantage of the initial depreciation on new retail prices, which are up to 50% on some models. Staff at Time Square have the confidence to sell an item knowing that will retain and, in some cases increase in value.

A Rolex Submariner sold by Time Square for £2,700 was bought back from the customer for £3,200 just two years later.

Watch repairs

As well as having a strong reputation for selling quality pre-owned watches, Time Square also has their very own expert Watchmaker on site. Paul O’Connor has over a decade of experience in this unique field and is a fully qualified Rolex repairer.

Whether you need a new battery and reseal, your watch valeting or a full service – Paul has the knowledge and skills to return it to its rightful condition. You can rest assured that when your treasured timepiece is with him it’s in safe hands and will be cared for by someone who understands both the monetary and emotional value of your watch.

Paul has a vast array of experience with the top brands including Omega, Breitling, Cartier, Tag Heuer, I.W.C, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex and more.


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