3 Hassle-Free Hacks For New Business Owners

Starting a new business can be simultaneously stressful and exciting.

But launching a new enterprise during a pandemic lathers another layer of anxieties on top of the usual considerable concerns.

All of this means that you’ll need to be extra careful that you protect your physical and mental health while trying to make your business dreams come true.

For peace of mind, take a look at these three hassle-free hacks for new business owners!

  1. Delegate

Sometimes because of a drive to make savings (and let’s be honest, a bit of misplaced ego!) when we start a new business we try to take on the responsibility for every aspect of it ourselves.

But if one of the main reasons you’re launching a business is to do more of what you love, why waste your precious time doing things you don’t like which you’ve no aptitude for?

Save yourself time, trouble and money down the line by delegating tasks like bookkeeping and accountancy to experts – Idyll Accounting in Birmingham and Solihull for example.

  1. Perambulate

It’s easy to commit to the mindset that only sitting at your desk (or standing behind your counter or pottering around your workshop) make you money, therefore you should do it all day without a break.

But this is false economy because as you gradually become more burned out, your productivity and the quality of your work rapidly diminishes. Much better to get our for a brisk 15 minute or half hour walk to clear your head, get some exercise and return refreshed.

You don’t need to commit to a hardcore gym regime to keep fit – as explained in this excellent article on walking by the NHS. The other great thing about (socially distanced) walking is that you’ll see fellow humans and if you’re working alone for most of the day, this feeling of connection is hugely beneficial to your psychological wellbeing.

  1. Collaborate

Considering whether you should work from home or lease an office? Depending on the type of business you’re running, both can have their benefits. However, if you decide to work from home it’s important that you set boundaries and have a room where you can shut the door when you’re working.

However, a shared workspace might be the ideal compromise. For instance, Chelmsford Arise Hub offers a dedicated workspace with all the mod cons, plus as it’s part of Anglia Ruskin University and located on campus, you’re part of a community packed with researchers, academics and students.

Working in a space where you’re mixing with other bright minds can bring untold benefits to your business – as you cross pollinate ideas with others, everyone’s project grows in a fast yet sustainable way.

Follow these hacks to reduce the hassle around starting a new business and give yourself the best chance of success.

Best of luck – fortune favours the brave!