3 Simple Ways To Become A Social Media Maestro

Pexels – CC0 Licence

In the twenty first century, social media has exploded to become the number one way for millennials to communicate, catch up on news, and to access restaurant reviews. Everyone likes to think of themselves as Facebook savvy, but what about the purpose of your social media usage? 

You can only be classed as a maestro if your social media prowess is impactful. Do you want to enhance the following of an event like the Digbeth Dining Club? Do you want to sell your own wares as a side hustle? Or do you want to become a Snapchat superstar? Social media can help us to connect in ways like never before. Take a look at how you can become a social media maestro.

Set Your Goals

Consider what you want to get out of social media and be focused. If you want to achieve a set number of followers by the end of the year, you need a plan to achieve this. Consider the social media platforms that would be best suited to your aims. If you are a graphic designer launching a new range of custom tees, Instagram, with its highly visual interface, would be the perfect medium to show off your wares. Make sure that you are always posting relevant content every day, but don’t flood your followers’ feeds. You don’t want to be muted. Any campaign should be structured, with posts decided on weeks in advance to generate an online buzz for your launch.

Digital Footprint

Social media is a wonderful media as it can be accessed from anywhere and any time, so long as you have Internet or 4G and a smartphone. For many, the idea of leaving a digital footprint sends shivers down their spine, as they worry about that embarrassing photo of a night out when they are going for a senior leadership interview a decade later. This is why Evan Spiegel had the idea of Snapchat, where posts, videos and images are only available online for a limited time. Consider how to use Snapchat on Mac rather than just on your iPhone or Android handset to maximize its capabilities for your personal life or your business. For those people worried about the mark they leave on the Internet, Snapchat is a perfect solution.

Your Voice Online

While catfishing and pretending to be someone that you are not online is frowned upon, you can hone your voice giving you an alternative online presence. On Twitter and Facebook, you can converse and communicate with your customers, friends and acquaintances in a chatty and informal way. Being behind a screen gives us confidence to say things we wouldn’t normally or to voice our opinions when we may be fearful in the real world. Forget those trolls who hide behind a made-up avatar spouting hatred online. Social media can be a force for good. Many people take solace in coming out online first before telling their family and would go so far as to say that it has saved their life.

Social media shows no sign of falling out of favour. Instead, technology continues to ramp up the pace of developments. Utilise this guide and ensure that you become a social media maestro.