4 Easy Tips for Great Men’s Style

Great style might seem like something for men that have too much time on their hands. After all, who has the hours in the day or the energy to spare on lengthy shopping trips trying on multiple items, or spend weekends in plush salons, when you have so much more you’d rather be enjoying and getting on with?

However, having a great sense of style doesn’t need to mean spending a huge amount of money or other resources, and when approached carefully, you can look fantastic with very little effort. So, if you’ve been wanting to get a more polished appearance and want some easy ideas on how to achieve this, read on.

Invest in the basics

Before you start throwing your entire wardrobe out and replacing everything with the latest trend-setting piece, take a look at the practical and everyday basics that make up the bulk of your wardrobe.

Staples such as plain t shirts, good dress shirts, denim and workwear might not seem like the most exciting stuff to shop for, but it’s where you can really create a solid foundation for your sense of style.

It’s worth spending a little extra on these areas and investing in high quality fabrics and good cuts that will stand the test of time. Check out good staples from leading brands that specialise in creating modern, sophisticated pieces that you will be happy to wear again and again.

Indulge in some proper grooming

A well-groomed man is a stylish man, regardless of what he might wear on the outside. Lately, we’ve been seeing a resurgence in classic men’s grooming, with barbershops bringing traditional approaches back to the mainstream and combining these with more modern treatments and services.

More men are embracing the power and confidence that can come from a professional treatment for hair and skin, whether it’s getting a shave or cut that helps you look dapper and well presented, or taking the time to look after your skin with a few carefully chosen products every morning.

While it might mean you spend a little longer in the bathroom each day, the brighter and more youthful face looking back at you from the mirror makes it all worthwhile.

If you’re finding yourself showing the tell-tale signs of hair loss, then it’s also essential to take steps to tackle the problem before it gets worse. Take a look at hair transplant reviews, or try out supplements or products to help boost healthy hair growth to keep your barnet looking in top condition.

Make sure your clothes fit you properly

A big mistake many men make when trying to up their style game is choosing trend-led pieces that fit poorly.

Unfortunately, however trendy and stylish those items might look on the store mannequin or model, if they don’t fit you well, they’re simply not going to look that great.

You’re much better off choosing pieces that fit you well. Timeless cuts that are well shaped for your particular body will convey an effortless sense of style that no amount of fast fashion picks can provide. It’s even worth investing in having some essential items tailored for your personal fit, to make sure that suit you as well as possible.

If you’re regularly wearing formalwear for work, then you might want to consider having a bespoke piece made or choose to have items adjusted. You can even get your jeans tailored to the right cut for the best look.

Take care of your health

Style isn’t just about what’s on the outside. What happens on the inside of your body has a huge impact too. It doesn’t matter how stylish your wardrobe really is if you’re out of shape and exhausted.

Taking care means looking after both what you put into your body and how you use it everyday too. Take a look at your daily diet and be honest with yourself about your eating and drinking habits. While you don’t need to live like a monk on a health kick, you can make the effort to include more fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats and good protein sources to help your skin and hair look its best, as well as keeping you trim and healthy.

Staying active will make a huge difference too, whether that’s getting involved in an organised fitness activity, hitting the gym more regularly, or simply taking the time to move more by cycling or walking each day.