5 Best And Easy Travel Jobs (Make Money & See Places)

The thought of spending thousands of dollars to travel the world is something many can’t live with. And it gets worse when you think about how long you need to save and what sacrifices you need to make. The option of cutting down certain travel expenses is only good up to a point as certain costs are fixed and no amount of budging can change.

While saving is always an option, why not try travel jobs? With travel jobs, you can make money and reduce the financial stress that comes with travel expenses. Here some travel job ideas to make money while travelling.

Teach a language

Becoming a language tutor is one of the easiest jobs that you can do while travelling. The pay is usually great and the work hours are flexible. Some organisations will pay you to travel to their country to teach a particular language that you are fluent in. One or two teaching or English teaching certificates may help land you jobs. If you are travelling to the Asian region, Teaching English is a job that you should consider.

Online Freelance Work

Remote jobs are now more popular than they have ever been with websites such as Upwork and Freelancer making it possible. Whether you are a work-at-home person or someone who loves to travel, there are job opportunities on these freelance platforms that pay a good income. If you have any tech skills like coding, web development, website design, graphic designs, you should sign up to any freelance website to find a job. However, these freelance websites are extremely competitive, but if you can build your portfolio, you will be able to grow your client base over time. There are other non-tech job options to explore online freelance websites that pay well.

Do Volunteer Work

While volunteer work may not give you any money, you will save money on a hotel which may help extend your adventures on the road. Another way to look at volunteer work is that you will have the opportunity to contribute some good to the world. We recommend local volunteer organisations because they do not charge you a fee to become a volunteer.


A voiceover job has the potential to get you a full-time income like most jobs. The difference between a voiceover job and your regular job is that voiceover jobs allow you to do other things that you love like travelling. With a voiceover job, you can pay for your accommodation and other amenities during your travels across the world. Apart from the fact that it a career worth having, it gives you the freedom to live your travel dreams.

Virtual Assistant

We now live in a world where services are now being outsourced to people in different parts of the world. For instance, a company based in the UK can have a team of customer service representatives based in India. If you plan to work while travelling, a virtual assistant job is worth considering. Your job description may include helping entrepreneurs handle some of their day-to-day tasks. These tasks can include anything from social media management, emails, writing, website maintenance, and market research. You are a perfect fit for the job if you have organizational and planning skills.