5 Ways to Find Happiness Even in the Midst of Pain

Happiness is elusive, even in the best of times. But when you’re going through a painful situation, it may seem like you’ll never escape the sorrow.

But we’re here to tell you that there are ways to find happiness, even in the midst of your pain.

Your pain may be emotional, physical, or a bit of both. Either way, here are five effective ways to come out stronger on the other side.

1. Create a Supportive Network

If you find yourself without a reliable shoulder to cry on, you’re not alone.

Due to the ongoing pandemic and other global woes, it seems like everyone is doing what they can to keep their head down and stay busy. While that’s a great thing in many cases, it also means that we’re losing some of our connectivity with the people we love.

But remember, that love doesn’t just disappear. Like with any relationship, you have to nurture the bonds between yourself and your family, friends, and partner.

Not sure precisely how to do so? The University of Minnesota has a few ideas that may be helpful!

Supporting your existing relationships makes it easier for the people in your life to support you back. And creating a supportive network is beneficial to yourself and everyone around you, no matter what’s happening outside your network.

And having the freedom to open up to a select group of loved ones is a meaningful way to find happiness.

2. Try Something New

If you’re in the midst of pain, trying something new can be both healing and serve as a distraction from the more negative aspects of your day.

Of course, you want to try things that lead to happiness! And we know a few ways that may help.


If you don’t meditate already, what are you waiting for?! It’s a wonderful way to increase your mindfulness while pushing away the bad energy.


If your pain manifests itself physically, and you live in the USA, and are in a state where medical marijuana is legal, consider getting a medical marijuana card. You can even create your own healing tincture, so you can enjoy the health benefits of cannabis without having to smoke it. Canada, meanwhile, is similarly liberal with the legality of medical marijuana, so you may want to head to a Canadian dispensary that sells feelcbd canada and similar brands.

Take a Class

Take a virtual or in-person class that helps you learn something you always wanted to. For instance, you can take cooking, Zumba, writing, or college courses, all in your free time.

Think about what piques your interest and research available classes on the topic. Your happiness will come with the challenge, as well as making new connections with fellow students and instructors.

3. Make it a Point to Laugh Frequently

Sometimes the only thing you can do about a situation is to laugh about it.

And luckily, laughter is in many cases the best medicine. But do you know why laughter is such a powerful and lasting solution to happiness? It all has to do with the science behind laughter.

When you laugh, your body releases endorphins, the “happy hormones” that make you feel naturally euphoric. Laughter also reduces your stress and tension and even improves your immune system.

Sure, everyday is not usually filled with laughter-worthy moments. In fact, you often have to seek out sources of laughter. But do it, it’s worth it.

Check out funny clips on YouTube, watch your favorite comedies, or call your goofy friend who always has a good story on hand.

4. Accept What You Can and Cannot Change

No one can control every aspect of their life. And that’s okay.

If you feel physical or emotional pain from the things that stress you out, reframe how you see the situation.

For instance, perhaps you have a family member or friend who likes to “overshare” their opinion about your life, even when you haven’t asked their opinion. And no matter what you tell them, they just can’t seem to help themselves, out comes their unwanted opinion!

While you can’t change how they express themself, you can change how it affects you. How they act has upset you in the past, but you don’t have to let it upset you anymore.

Laugh it off, change the subject, and move on to topics that are less annoying!

A change in mindset isn’t easy, but work at it and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

5. Feel Your Feels

When you’re in the midst of pain, don’t blot it out.

Go through all the emotions you need to, pain, sadness, sorrow, etc. Why? Because after you do, you’ll realize your feelings were valid, you made it through the worst, and now it’s time to reset.

Let all your emotions out in a healthy way. If you try to blot out the pain, you may risk blotting out the joy, too.

Then, after the pain, allow yourself to revel in your happiness. Remember that feeling and take it with you everywhere.


By following these five ways to find happiness even in the midst of pain, you can create new habits.

And no, happiness isn’t permanent, but it can be easier to uncover with some practice.