5 ways to freshen your holiday home

Whenever you go away, you want your accommodation to feel like a home away from home. Not only does this help you to unwind and relax more on your holiday, but it instantly puts you at ease.

This pop of colour will do wonders for your accommodation, as well as your mood. Order your favorite spring flowers for your home decor from BloomingBox

Opening the door to your holiday home should feel like stepping into your home, and like your home, sometimes it needs freshening up and things changing around.

With this in mind, we’ve put together five things you could do to freshen up your holiday home and get it ready for the spring holiday season and all other breaks you’ll be taking later this year.

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  1. Colour change of soft furnishings

If you want to make a subtle change to your holiday home, you could change the colour pallet of your soft furnishings. Why not alternate your cushions and throws with another set that matches the season of the year?

For example, you could have warm yellow or soft green cushions and throws for the spring and summer, changing them to burnt oranges and red for the autumn and winter months.

  1. Flowers

A simple, yet effective way to freshen up a space is to add flowers. You could pick up a fresh bunch when you first arrive at your holiday home or place some faux flowers in a vase.

This pop of colour will do wonders for your accommodation, as well as your mood.

  1. Paint

How about adding a lick of paint to one of the walls, or an entire room? Adding a new coat of paint, even if it’s the same colour as before, helps to brighten and freshen up a room.

If you’re wanting to change the colour, how about a colour that nods to the environment outside? For example, if your holiday home is by the coast, how about a splash of blue or yellow? Alternatively, if in a rural, countryside location, how about adding tones of green, blue or pastels?

  1. Photographs and artwork

Adding Photos and artwork to your holiday home instantly gives a more homely feel to your accommodation.

If you’ve already got some photos and artwork hanging in your holiday home, why not change them out for something new, or move photos from one room to the other – change things up a little.

  1. Spring Clean

Giving your holiday home a once-over with the duster and hoover is a quick and easy way to perk up a room. Creating a clean, dust-free environment can easily put you at ease and let the relaxation flourish.

Of course, if you have cleaners come into your accommodation whilst you’re not there to maintain the property, this step isn’t as necessary. However, wiping over the surfaces can help freshen up the place and make you feel more at home.

Will you be using any of the above to help freshen up your holiday home?