6 Realistic Ways to Get Your Music Discovered

Chances are, you are hoping to enjoy a great career as a musician. But to get there, it’s important to get your music noticed and heard. Sometimes, you might reach a point where you feel like there’s nothing else that you can do to push yourself towards meeting your music career goals. But whatever the situation, you’re not going to get anywhere by doing nothing. Here are some strategies that you can use on a regular basis to get your music heard and move one step closer to realizing your dreams.

Invest in Professional Facilities

The more professional your music sounds, the better. When your music has been professionally recorded, people are more likely to listen to it for longer and share it with their friends, which in turn will improve your chance of being discovered by the right people. The best way to do this is to use a recording studio like Pirate.com. Pirate.com offers recording studios that you can hire for the day, with a space fully-equipped with everything that you need to capture high-quality sounds including a condenser microphone, an audio interface, MIDI keyboard, headphones, monitors, and more. These available recording studios are ideal for recording any type of music and discounts on day rates are available.

Promote Your Email List

When it comes to the music business, email marketing is an absolute must. If you plan on taking your music career seriously, email marketing should be one of the earliest strategies that you employ in order to ensure the music industry takes you seriously. A good email list can help you get booked for gigs, as you’ll be able to use your contacts to show venues that you have a large number of people to promote the event to. In addition, a substantial email list will make it easier for you to get heard by playlist curators and bloggers, contact your fans about new album releases, gigs, shows, and merch, and more.

Reach Out to Music Bloggers

Getting your music featured and reviewed on a popular music blog can provide some growth in your audience size. Check out blogs that are interested in reviewing the type of music that you make and get in touch to ask them to review your tunes. While you shouldn’t expect a response the first time you send an email or a response to every email that you send, doing this consistently and getting in touch with every relevant music blog that you find will eventually land you a review. When you do get a response, email back quickly and cultivate a good relationship with the blogger.

Send Your Music to the Radio

Getting your music played on the radio can provide a massive boost to your career as a musician. Being played on the radio is one of the best ways to reach new fans in a variety of different destinations, which can often provide you with more options for gigs and shows, too. Before sending your music to a radio station, it’s important to prepare a promo CD or audio file with final recordings that are of the highest quality possible. Check out different radio stations to find one that is most likely to be interested in the type of music that you make.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Today, millions of people around the world use social media sites, making it one of the best options for promoting your creations, including music. Consider which social network is likely to be home to the majority of people who would like to listen to your music and post regularly with updates, new tunes, and information for your fans. Don’t make it all about promotion, either – posting regularly to engage with your fans, get to know them, and build your relationship with them can help to generate more interest and loyalty towards your music and you as an artist.

Get a Website

As a musician, it’s important to treat your career like a business in order to improve your chance of getting noticed by the right people. And, today, one of the main things that every business needs, is a good website. Creating a website for your music gives you a central online space where you can provide more information to your fans and others who have recently discovered what you do. Along with this, you can also use your website to sell tickets to shows and gigs, collect more emails for your mailing list, and engage with your fans through a blog. Writing blog posts is a great way to improve the amount of organic traffic from Google to your website, and allows you to share information that resonates with your audience and helps them get to know you better.

Getting your music noticed by the right people is not always easy. Using these strategies on a regular basis can help you get your work found faster.