7 Life Hacks to Find a Bride on Dating Apps

Finding a wife seems easy until you start the journey. It appears that all you have to do is to meet ladies, start communicating with them, fall in love with one and get married. However, anyone who has tried online dating can agree that finding a bride is no small feat.

Meeting legitimate mail order brides online is nearly as tricky as finding a wife in real life. But, like physical meetings, there are tips for facilitating online dating. If you intend to find a wife online, here are a few hacks to help you: 

Choose Reliable Sites

There are many apps out there promising to have a wife for sale to available men. Few of them live up to the hype, unfortunately. The first step to finding a bride online is knowing which platforms to search in.

People who got a legit mail order bride had to use the right apps or websites. When looking through dating platforms, note their user reviews and how diverse the ladies are. Trusted sites will have thousands (even millions) of regular users and a rating of 4.5 stars or higher. Choosing fraudulent sites may cause you emotional and financial setbacks.

Have Specific Characteristics to Look Out For

When using dating sites, you should know the specific kind of woman to look for. There are thousands of ladies on these platforms and you need to narrow your target audience to avoid facing problems due to indecision. You should think deeply and make a list of the kinds of women you desire. The list will guide your choice of women and the site you choose. It will also ensure that you end up with a woman that fits your lifestyle.


It isn’t enough to merely have a checklist of the kind of woman you want. Men who find brides online usually have to prioritize on that list. As much as you want your ideal woman to have all the traits you admire, expect to forego some if necessary.

Give preference to specific characteristics over others. Know the traits set in stone and those that your bride-to-be can afford not to have. You should prioritize essential things on your list and find who ticks those boxes. Prioritizing will make your list more realistic and your search more fruitful.

Look Out For Fake Profiles

Even the most reliable dating apps still have a few fake profiles registered. As much as dating apps try to make their platform safe, a few fraudsters still fall between the cracks. You have to be wary of fraudsters looking to exploit desperate men. Before getting emotionally and financially invested in a woman online, go through her dating profile. Look out for irregularities, blurry photos and if she looks too good to be real, she probably is.

Put Your Real Self Out There

Understandably, there is a need to appear perfect on dating sites. However, have you ever wondered if the girl you are trying to catch would prefer you just the way you are? Acting natural is an underrated part of online dating, but it makes a difference. Many ladies can sense when a guy is putting up an act to impress them, so they don’t buy it.

Being honest does not translate to you becoming boring, neither does it mean you shouldn’t put effort into creating your dating profile. If you love to skydive, feel free to mention it. However, if you are afraid of heights, do not say you love to skydive to sound interesting.

Have Options

When you are new to online dating, you may think that the first woman you develop a rapport with will be the ‘one.’ Experts will tell you that that’s rarely the case. You should meet several people to make a better choice.

The good thing about dating apps is that you can court multiple women simultaneously. We recommend that you start out talking to several women at once. There is a good chance that they are also talking to other men apart from you. The convenience of online dating makes it so. When you finally find the ideal woman, let the others down gently.

Use Dating Apps’ Algorithms to Your Advantage

Dating apps have algorithms guiding them. On social media apps, if you keep consuming the same kind of content, the algorithm sends more of them your way. Similarly, developers create dating apps to show you the types of women you have searched for in the past. This algorithm also helps you find women from specific locations. So, if you need a bride with particular traits, you should consistently look for women with similar characteristics and the AI will learn your preference.

Final thoughts 

We all need companionship at some point in our lives, and if we can get that from dating apps, then why not? The thing is, finding the right partner online is not as easy as we think. The trick is to be intentional so that you do not spend so much time on dating apps without achieving results. When you go on a dating site to find a wife, you are going for serious business. As such, you need to put good work into the process. The life hacks that we have listed above should make it easier for you to find a wife online. 


Jaime Polsters has helped couples meet and build stable relationships for over 15 years. He has held meetings to teach people to find life partners, and these meetings have been successful, as many of them are happily married today. He works at yourmailorderbride doing what he knows how to do best and creating a meeting point for people looking for love.