7 Spring Fashion Essentials

Spring is just around the corner, and you’re ready to sport all the new fashion trends from this year. But wait? What are the fashion trends? With so much time spent inside, you might have missed the fashion statements of the past couple of years. Well, don’t worry, we’ve kept our eyes open and have seven Spring fashion essentials for you to wear this season! Read on to learn what they are!

1. Chunky Hairbands and Headbands

The 80s called, and they don’t want their hair accessories back. Right now, the hair trends include chunky, oversized headbands. Think bows, ribbons, and bandanas galore. Celebrities like Halsey and Ariana Grande have reintroduced these fashion trends with contemporary looks. You can also spruce up your hair with these wildly creative hair accessories. Get into Spring with the right hair looks!

2. Hip Hugging Jeans

The 70s and 90s hip-hugging jeans are back and better than ever. Get your cheeky jeans on and pair them with flowy blouses, cardigans, and chunky sweaters. You’re sure to give the original hippies a run for their money. All you need to do is grab a chunky belt to make your jeans pop. Check out vintage resale stores to find accessory options.

3. Skorts Are The New Skirts

Ever wanted to wear a skirt without the fear of it blowing up in the wind? Well, now you can. Skorts, or skirts with shorts build-in in underneath, make it easy to wear skirts no matter the weather or conditions of the day. Go for that spontaneous jog if you want. You’ve got those shorts locked in and ready to go.

4. Gladiator Sandals Baby

The ancient Greeks did footwear right. At the moment, gladiator sandals in tones like silver, gold, and black metallic are most popular, but any color you prefer will still leave you with on-point fashion footwear! Gladiator sandals are back in stock for Spring fashion. Pair these chunky shoes with shorts, skinny jeans, or that summer dress you’ve been saving for a night out. They go with everything.

5. Paisley Fashion Scarves

Keep up those bohemian vibes with paisley fashion scarves. Pair your scarf with a layer of necklaces for a hippie look that goes with jeans and a t-shirt or your little black dress. Pro tip: go for scarves that are made from light fabrics. It can get a little warm in the Spring, and you don’t want your neck to sweat!

6. Chunky Streetwear Sneakers

Thanks to Gen Z, sneakers are no longer just part of your workout gear. Now, athletic looks are real fashion statements. Whether you wear high fashion or sustainable fashion, pair of chunky sneakers or Air Jordans with matching Jordan tees, basketball shorts, ripped jeans, and everything in between. With chunky streetwear sneakers, you can look as tough as you feel.

7. Basic Tees and Tops

You can never go wrong with t-shirt essentials. Get a V neck, a U neck, and a crew-cut t-shirt in white, black, brown, and grey. You need your neutral layers ready to go to pair balanced outfits that rock. While you’re at it, get some tank tops in the same colors. You never know when you’ll want to add in an extra layer, and neutral tones help you do just that while remaining subtle. Basic tees and tops are outfit essentials!

Step Into Spring Style

This year, step into Spring fashion with an eclectic blend of fashion trends from different decades. Start coordinating new outfits with the fashion essentials above to create killer looks in no time.