A Guide to Buying a House in Birmingham

If you’re in the exciting position to buy a house, there are a lot of factors to consider, particularly when it comes to cost. With house prices soaring in the London area, many people are considering other geographical options that are affordable, yet still accessible.

Birmingham is becoming a destination area for homebuyers who want to avoid the steep London housing market. Aptly referred to as Britain’s ‘Second City’, Birmingham boasts a booming population, a vibrant cultural hub, diverse food and entertainment options, and above all, affordable living.

If this sounds attractive to you, read on for a few tips about buying a house in Birmingham.

Choose Your Area Wisely

Depending on your budget, it’s worth exploring which areas of Birmingham you’d like to live in.

If you’re looking for something affluent and up and coming, you may want to consider the Jewellery Quarter, known for its commerce, Digbeth, the city’s creative hub, and Edgbaston, famous for its green spaces and gardens — all within the city centre. For something further afield, there’s also Erdington, a historic area located 5 miles north from the city centre with great transport links, and Harborne, a Victorian suburb which is great for families.

Whatever your fancy, it’s best to consider which areas best suit your lifestyle and budget. To aid your search, conveyancing solicitors like Jordans can give expert advice and help you find your ideal home.

Assess Your Long-Term Goals

When deciding on your chosen home, it’s advisable to think about your long-term goals. Will you be expanding the size of your family, for example? Or do you see yourself living amongst the bustle of the city centre for many years to come? Many areas of Birmingham are growing and increasing in property price, so it’s a good idea to really think about your long-term aims before you take that big leap of buying a home.

Decide on New Build or Existing

Birmingham’s economy is expanding, as is the housing market, although that may be changing in the current Covid-19 climate. However, don’t let that deter you as it’s worth exploring your options and whether you want to invest in something brand new or refurbished. Places like Axium and Arden gate are fairly recent developments for those looking for something fresh and new. If existing builds are your thing, though, popular areas for first-time buyers include King’s Heath and Stirchley.

Consider the Long-Term Value

When you’ve set your sights on your chosen property, it’s also worth considering its long-term value. This will depend on the area where the property is based as well as any unique features that the home has, such as balconies, high ceilings, etc. It’s a good idea to discuss the long-term value of the home in relation to its area and features and how you might want to increase the value if you intend to sell in the future.

If you’re thinking of moving to Birmingham, the guide above can be a helpful start on your house-hunting adventure.