Acclimatising to life in a busy city

If you’ve never lived in a busy city before, then you might be used to a certain level of privacy in your home – if you don’t have immediate neighbours. At the same time, everyone who does live a short distance away knows your business, and you know theirs.

Moving to a busy city can mean big changes and adapting to a different way of life.

Nobody knows you, but everyone can see you

In a busy city, you may get lost among the crowd. Nobody knows your name, and it can be exhilarating, luring you into a false feeling of being unseen. Even neighbours who nod or greet you with a “Good morning” never stop for a chat. However, they might get more than an eyeful if you forget to put curtains in your rooms or fit some shutters for your bathroom when you move in. Shutters are a better alternative to blinds or curtains in your bathroom, keeping out prying eyes and allowing light to enter at the same time. They are easy to fit and also to clean. Depending on which ones you buy, they can add a stylish touch to your bathroom, making you feel more at home.

If you’re accustomed to living somewhere quieter, where your bathroom may only overlook miles of hills and the only living creatures likely to see your uncovered silhouette are sheep with exceptional eyesight, then it may not be immediately obvious that you need to invest in shutters. In a city, neighbours’ gardens often face out to other houses or to a busy main road.

It’s important to make your new home private. Check from outside whether you can see through windows and that you’re not likely to be snooped on, or your valuables aren’t on show. With more people around comes the increased risk of a break-in. That’s not to say that everyone is looking to steal from you, but you have to think about the security of your home and the valuable possessions you own.

Everything is crammed together in small spaces – there are roads leading to other places and a great public transport system, shops, entertainment complexes, schools, more houses than you ever thought possible to fit into one area, restaurants, bars and a lot more.

It’s great for when you want something to do or somewhere to go, but it can have its drawbacks. Privacy, or the lack of it, is one of those drawbacks. Even if you opt to live away from the city centre, cities are still bustling with activity.

You could find yourself living just walking distance away from a retail park with a nearby motorway. There is no line between residential areas, shopping and motorways. This can take some time getting used to if all you’ve previously known was a local pub and a shop, or a bus that runs once or twice a day and you have to walk over a mile to get to it.

People are everywhere

If you’ve moved to a busy city, then you probably did it to be around more people and for a lifestyle change, but the vast changes will still take some getting used to. If there were other circumstances leading to your move, then you may find it harder still to adapt and fit in.

You always have somewhere to go at all hours of the day or night, but despite the higher populations in a city, you can feel lonely and isolated if you don’t know anyone. You may pass thousands of people in one day but never speak to any of them.

The good news is that there are usually groups and courses you can join. These will result in meeting like-minded people who you share something in common with, while learning a new skill at the same time. If you like writing, then you can try a creative writing course or attend an event where people read out their work – maybe you can share something of your own. If you have an interest in improving your fitness, then why not try a running group or sign up for a variety of fitness classes such as Zumba and spinning? The good thing about more people is that there are more options no matter what you’re interested in trying out.

You may not be able to recreate the feeling of living in a rural or quieter area, but you can make it work for you by keeping your home private and making the most of busy city life to meet new people and discover new things.