All You Need to Know About Health Care Policies in India

With the whole world fighting against the pandemic, now would be an appropriate time to look for health care policies in India. You can browse through many health care policies online and pick the one that meets your requirement and fits your financial capacities in the best possible way.

However, it would help if you did quick research about all the health care policies in India before deciding. The health care policies in India offer cashless treatment for medical expenses when you get treated from one of the network hospitals.

Nevertheless, different policies have different premium amounts that you can calculate online and then go for the one that is the most reasonable option for you. There are not one but several benefits and features of health care policies in India that you must learn about before buying a policy for yourself.

Many policyholders are unable to avail all the benefits of having health care policies in India. So, in order to help you get the most out of your health insurance plan, here is everything that you need to know about the health care policies in India:

  1. Coverage

Insurance policies in India provide you with comprehensive coverage in case of hospitalization. You must carefully understand what kind of illnesses and diseases are covered under the policy you choose to buy. Mostly all the health care policies in India cover pre and post hospitalization charges along with the room rent, nursing charges, medical bills incurred during, before or after hospitalization.

  1. Exclusions

Along with inclusions, there are certain treatments that most of the health care policies in India do not cover. These exclusions must be considered and acknowledged by you before making the final purchase decision. To help you get a better idea, here are a few things that are commonly excluded from all the health care policies in India:

  • Cosmetic operations and treatments
  • Dental operations and treatments
  • Former illness and sicknesses
  • Genetic illnesses and diseases
  • Injuries incurred due to war, terrorism, & suicide
  • Overdose or side effects of consuming non-prescription drugs

You can refer to these Guidelines on Standardization of Exclusions in Health Insurance Contracts framed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India and then decide on buying health care policies in India.

  1. Tax Benefits

Any health care policyholder is eligible to get a tax relaxation ranging from Rs. 25,000 to Rs.50,000 depending upon the premium amount of your health care policy. As mentioned in the Income Tax Act, you are also eligible for these tax benefits if you are paying the premium amount of your parent’s health care policies in India.

  1. Renewability

It is advisable to go for health care policies in India that have lifetime renewability. These policies, unlike some others, don’t have an age restriction and can always be renewed. Thus, you can enjoy the coverage offered by your health care plan for an extended period by paying a timely premium against the sum insured without facing the trouble of purchasing a new policy at any point in your life.

  1. Free Timely Health Check-up

No matter how healthy you look or feel, it is recommended to get regular health check-ups done in order to initiate an early diagnosis of any critical or chronic illness in its initial stages. These timely check-ups are offered by health care policies in India to provide the right treatment at the right time.

Buy The Best Health Care Policies in India from a Reputed Company

Choosing a health insurance company based upon the company’s reputation is not a bad idea, but you must conduct proper research to check the background of the company to see if it can be trusted. Make sure you are provided with all the necessary information regarding their policy benefits and claim settlement ratio. Moreover, you can opt for reliable companies like Care Health Insurance that provide you with India’s best health care plans along with an efficient customer service team.