Biggest Casino Wins in the UK

Britain is known worldwide for its gambling culture and the people of the nation love to have the occasional flutter. So it will come as no surprise to find out that the UK hold some of the world’s biggest ever recorded casino wins. In this article we are going to look at a few of the lucky winners, and how they won their fortune, plus you can see the top voted video slots here.

As a point of interest, an engineer from America holds the title for highest amount ever taken from a casino. And that was back in the year, 2003. He won so much that the casino negotiated. And now pays him. One and a half million dollars every year until the $39.7 million is paid off.

Do Progressive Slots Hold the Key to the Biggest Wins?

Plenty of slots have made people very wealthy in recent history, but for the huge payouts, it would appear that progressive jackpots have a better chance at mega money. This is simply due to the pool that they are involved in. Because a progressive jackpot will have thousands of players playing through the same network. That means that the slot title will hold more money and can pay out bigger jackpots. Of course, it is better to go through trusted and verified slots sites to play these titles, as these will more than likely have the best and biggest paying slots available on the market today, and you can be assured that the casino will pay out.

Aberdeen Man Nets £6.3 Million

The man known as Neil from Aberdeen comes in as the third highest winner in the UK, taking home a cool, £6.3 million. The cold winter temperatures in Scotland in November, 2017, were soon about to change, as Neil sat down to play Hall of Gods – the progressive jackpot title. It wouldn’t be long before the temperature in Aberdeenshire went up a few notches, as Neil scooped the humongous £6.3 million pound prize!

Mystery Man and Soldier, Make up the Top 2 Biggest Ever UK Winners.

One day in August, back in 2016, a mystery player was playing Mega Moolah. Now those who know a little bit about slot gaming, Mega Moolah has created the most millionaires out of all progressive jackpot titles in history. On this particular autumn day, the lucky winner, known only as D.P.Now, did what was required to take home the €7.9 million win!

Coming in at number one (by some margin), is a former English soldier, known as Jon Heywood, who won a whopping £13.2 million, playing none other than, yes you guessed it, Mega Moolah! What is even more incredible is that he was playing for just 25 pence a spin at the time of winning. The money came just at the right time for Jon and his family, as the soldier of the British Army was able to pay for all of his father’s medical bills.

So, what’s the Verdict?

Nobody is denying that playing any casino game well could see you land a big profit. However, this article has been about the biggest UK winners, and you cannot help but notice the pattern in progressive jackpot titles.

It is no coincidence that these video slots are responsible for all of the biggest jackpot wins in UK history. Maybe in the future, another type of game will take over and start to create even bigger winners than now. But as of right now, it is fair to say that progressive jackpots, are firmly wearing the crown, and lead the way for big win potential.