Bingo bagged me the big bucks! Will you be next?

When you think of Bingo, you might not imagine leaving that musty old hall with much more than pocket change but, in a time where online gaming reigns supreme, big bucks are on offer no matter what game you play. You’ll also learn that brick-and-mortar locations can dish out handsome wins, if you cross off the right numbers.

And, what better way to inspire you to play Bingo than to learn about the big winners who have come before? Read on to find out more.

John Orchard

Perhaps ones of the biggest Bingo site winners in recorded history, John Orchard made a living as a factory worker and held a position at his local job centre at the time of his big win. This iconic gaming session kicked off with one single £0.30 wager at one of the most fun online Bingo sites and presumably, Orchard’s new favourite!

From that one wager, at such a reasonable price, Orchard managed to log off with an astounding £5.9 million profit. Like so many winners who have come before him, this Bingo baller went on to splash the cash following his win, only adding to his legacy. Orchard went on to make all of his lifelong dreams come true, including booking multiple holidays, buying a new house and even a brand-new Jaguar XF car. But he didn’t just stop there, Orchard then went on to sharing his winnings with his friends and family, spreading his fortune around to the important people in his life.

Christine Bradfield

At the time of Christine Bradfield’s win, she held the record for the biggest brick-and-mortar Bingo win, although it has since been beaten. Bradfield had been a regular player at her local Bingo hall for well over a decade before 2008 rolled around and she stumbled into one hell of a win. On that now famous day, this lucky lady had spent just £16 on tickets for the game in question and walked away with a whopping £1.1 million payout. Talk about making a profit!

Lisa Potter

Lisa Potter was truly in the hands of fate on the day of her win, choosing her game at random and placing a simple £5 bet on a Bingo ticket. Potter only logged on to the casino site because she was bored of just sitting beside her partner as he watched the football, so to end the gaming session over a million pound richer was more of a surprise than she could ever have imagined. Following the win, Potter bought herself a luxury car, a grand new house, as well as taking her family on several extravagant holidays. What a dream!

Georgios M

The second biggest online win was triggered by Greek-born Georgios M, who chose to keep his second name anonymous after he found his casino fame. Despite bagging $5.1 million, Georgios decided to continue to live a low-profile lifestyle, letting out very few details about his life, before and after the win. All we really know is that the lucky guy was only 36 years old at the time of his big win, and made a living as a businessman beforehand.