Brummies Are Studying Medicine Around the World: Dnipro Medical Institute in Ukraine

Taj is a British second-year dental medicine student in Europe. Yet, he’s not living in the UK. He’s in a city called Dnipro, in central Ukraine, receiving a great medical education and enjoying the sense of community he has found there.

If you’re considering studying abroad, keep reading to know more about Taj’s experience at Dnipro Medical Institute in Eastern Europe.

Choosing where to study abroad

Taj did a lot of online research. Many universities offer English-taught medical courses abroad, but he struggled with finding reliable information until he found Medlink Students who provided him with all the information he needed.

After that, Taj visited Ukraine and felt a connection to the country. Although he had visited other European countries, he enjoyed the culture and openness of Ukrainians so much, he wanted to experience living and studying there. Taking the decision was easy.

Studying medicine at Dnipro Medical Institute

“In my humble opinion the teaching quality is very satisfactory, it is good.” He said. “They give you the material. They give you the university’s Drive Portal. They send you everything day by day,” he says.

He describes the teachers as friendly and supportive. Even with a busy schedule as doctors, they try their best to help the students and give them all the needed information.

You might be wondering, “What about the language barrier? Is it an issue?”

When asked about it, Taj mentions English as the country’s second language. At university, students won’t need to worry much. Everything is taught, assessed and tested in English, and teachers can speak it well.

The UK vs. Ukraine, the difference in teaching style

Taj starts with, “I can’t say anything negative. If you miss a lesson, it’s not the end of the world.” When students are sick and need a few days off, students don’t have to worry about getting in trouble, as they’re allowed to catch up.

The university and teachers are very understanding. As a student, Taj can take a few days off to fly back to his city in the West Midlands in UK, and visit his family. However, the university makes it compulsory that he has to take the classes he missed. Students get more flexibility and support than they would in UK universities, with the same quality of education.

Other British students

Taj talks about visiting Medlink Students office and introducing himself to new British students so they feel comfortable and welcomed. He received the same courtesy when he first arrived at Dnipro.

Living in the city of Dnipro

While living in Dnipro people can do so much. There’s an active nightlife, there’s bowling, ice skating, people also go out to the hills and forest. The city is very affordable. You can easily find an apartment that adjusts to your financial situation, and the transport is also good and cheap.

Locals are friendly, even if you can’t speak Russian at all.

Taj also mentions the incredible weather compared to Birmingham or the Midlands. “You get more sunshine in Ukraine than in the UK.”

Returning to the UK after graduation

Taj feels confident about what he’s learning. “In some aspects, Ukraine has higher standards,” he says, mentioning the difference in materials because in Ukraine dentists don’t use amalgam fillings at all.

When going back to the UK, he must take the ORE (Overseas Registration Exam). It’s the exam all overseas qualified dentists need to take to register with the General Dental Council and work as a dentist in the UK.

Advice for studying abroad

“Check it out, find out for yourself. Connect with the community in Dnipro, chat with the students.”

He recommends that if you can afford it, “come down here and see for yourself.” Medlink Students has an office in Ukraine that opens every day.

Taj is happy studying at Dnipro Medical Institute and recommends it to other UK students.

If you want to listen to his interview on studying abroad, you can do so here.