Buying a boob tape? Read this first

Boob tapes are lifesavers. Many times, getting rid of the straps and uncomfortable thickness of bras is what you just want to do at the end of the day. However, boob tapes have established themselves as lifesavers, offering you the best when it comes to comfort and fashion.

But selecting a boob tape that will perfectly fit your breast is usually a somewhat arduous task. Thus, if you are looking to buy one, there are some things you must take into account, such as adhesion, size, style, etc. While the process can sometimes leave you frustrated, this guide is here to help you ease the stress.

Critical factors to note when buying a boob tape


Usually, it is important to pick an adhesive strength that fits your body and purpose perfectly. Platforms like BoobHold allow you to choose an adhesive strength and as such, personalize the breast tape to work for you.

Generally, there’s an option for strong adhesion which is comfortable and mostly recommended for round, bell-shaped and heavy breasts. Besides, there is also extreme adhesion which offers more hold, and as such, the perfect fit for women with considerably heavy and oily boobs. However, it’s recommended to use Boobhold tape for lesser adhesive strengths suppose you are just using a boob tape for the first time.


Usually, this is the easiest factor to consider. You only need to note the cup size and band size that fits your body, and that’s all. Besides, you can also opt-in for straight boob tapes that work perfectly for every shape and size. The styles offered are differing from manufacturers to manufacturers. Thus, ensure that you read the specifications such as the clothing style, thoroughly better opting in for one. Some use a higher neckline, while others use a lower neckline. So, you can choose the one that fits your breast type.

Types of boob tapes available in the market

Here below are the different kinds of boob tapes available in the market.

1. Gaffer tape

The gaffer tape should not be confused with duct tape. The duct tape is for heavy repairs and it is not safe for the skin as it can cause terrible irritation. The gaffer tape, however, is one of the strongest options for a boob tape. It is popular amongst celebrities and one of them is Kim Kardashian West. As a result of the strength and thickness of the gaffer tape, it may cause irritation for sensitive skins and to skins allergic to adhesives. It is advised that it should be carefully used.

2. Sports Tape;

These are originally designed for athletes to support their joints and help reduce and recover from injury. It can be applied directly to the skin without any worry about irritation. This makes it one of the best options for boob tape.

It is gentler than the gaffe tape and does not irritate. For sensitive skins, sports tape is a viable option to look out for in the market.

3. Flash tape;

Having big boobs can make it hard or sometimes impossible to button up that top you love. If you force it, it may to the breaking of the button which can be so embarrassing. This is why flash tape is available.

Flash tape is specifically designed to keep the breasts together where you want them; making it possible to button up the top and avoid a wardrobe malfunction.