Casinos in the UK’s Largest Cities

There are hundreds of casinos in the United Kingdom, and obviously most of these congregate in the centres of the largest British cities. The more people there are, the more business.

We’re going to look at the best local casinos in the country’s biggest cities. Hopefully, you’ll find a new one that you haven’t heard of before.


Birmingham, the city that is sometimes overlooked by Brits as being the second largest populated city in the country. When it comes to casinos, Birmingham has many to offer. You’ll be able to find casinos from the Genting Group, and Grosvenor too. There are a couple of independent casinos that deserve a mention though, they are the Broadway Casino and Rainbow Casino.

Broadway Casino

If you’re a local, or maybe you’re planning a casino trip with friends to Birmingham, why not check out the independent Broadway casino.

The gaming floor at the Broadway Casino offers table games such as roulette, and blackjack. On top of that, you’ll find a good selection of slot machines to play at.

There’s also a great restaurant, and fancy bar/lounge area so you can enjoy food and a drink, as well as a flutter. One thing that the Broadway Casino is famous for is the exclusive poker room, they house weekly tournaments for enthusiastic poker players. If you enjoy poker, then this experience shouldn’t be missed.


On to the capital, London. If you find yourself in London and looking for a casino, trust us when we say it’s not hard to find one. There are many around, like the Hippodrome, Crockfords, multiple Grosvenor casinos, and many more. Central to west London is where you’re going to find the most.

The Hippodrome Casino London

The Hippodrome Casino in London is set on 4 floors. There is so much more to this casino than just the table games. They offer cabaret shows, food at the Heliot Steak House, as well as 24-hour food service.

If you’re a poker fan, you’ll already know that they host famous poker events here such as the Pokerstars LIVE tournaments, the European Poker Tour (EPT), and national games too. No matter what table game you want to play you’ll find it over the 4 floors of the Hippodrome.

The Hippodrome Casino now has an online website too, so you can play your favourite games there. Many online casinos give new players free spins no deposit bonuses when they first register.


With two of the biggest football clubs in the country, Manchester is bound to have wide-range of casinos, and it sure does. Right in the centre of the city there are multiple casinos from Genting and Grosvenor as well as a few independents. There are still a good number of casinos on the outskirts too.


We’ve decided to turn our attention to the casino named Manchester235. This casino offers visitors a wealth of games, including slots, roulette and blackjack. It also houses the James Martin award-winning restaurant.

The Manchester235 casino runs weekly events, including poker nights, live music and karaoke. You can play poker tournaments or even cash games, so there’s lots on offer when it comes to this game type. Arguably the nicest casino in Manchester, this is definitely one to check out next time you’re in the city.


Glasgow is the biggest city in all of Scotland, so obviously it’s bound to have the most casinos found there. You will find local casinos from both the Genting and Grosvenor groups. But one that is a must-visit is the Alea Casino, that has amazing waterside views.

Alea Casino Glasgow

The Alea Casino Glasgow isn’t your standard Saturday night casino, oh no. It’s a Las Vegas style casino positioned on the River Clyde.

The casino offers a number of games, including, roulette, blackjack, punto banco, three card poker, electronic roulette and a wide variety of slot machines.

As well as the casino, the Alea comes complete with a sports bar, and restaurant. So, you can enjoy dinner at the Waterfront restaurant before placing some bets at the roulette table. You can also find weekly events, such as tribute shows, karaoke and other live music.