Do You Have It In You To Become A Professional Musician?

Is your dream job to be a musician and entertain people with your creations? Maybe you have already made a little bit of money on the side by making music, but are you prepared to turn it into a career? The music industry is known for having a high bar even for its entry point, which means that you must work hard to make it as a professional musician.

Before considering such a remarkable feat, it would be best to ask yourself: do you have what it takes to become a pro?

1. Hard work is the foundation

There aren’t that many professions that require as much practice as music does. Without training, talent can only take you this far. Even prodigies admired by an entire world have never had it easy. As a professional musician, you must be willing to invest most of your day in training to become better.

And, in the world we live in today, that is not all. As a musician, you need to learn other trades. You will have to fill in the role of an advertiser and a promoter, for instance. You might have to become a YouTuber to bring your music in front of an audience. That entails that you must learn about how to make videos and upload them on the platform.

Excellent knowledge of social media, in general, is mandatory for any artist today. As you can see, your hard work as a musician is not only about practicing. It is about the ability to wear many hats.

2. Patience is of the essence

If you love making music, there is one harsh truth you must live with, which is that most musicians don’t make a lot of money. That’s true for most artists, and, at least for an initial phase, you will work with little to no compensation at all. In other words, even if you aim to become a professional musician, it’s not a good idea to quit your day job.

Of course, if you choose to follow formal education and you receive opportunities to work in the field, you should take them. That would be the ideal combination. While you strive to make it on your own, it serves to have an income that’s also obtained by doing the thing you love.

3. An all-consuming love for music

All the musicians who have ever earned money and fame, as well as a place in their listeners’ hearts, have one thing in common: an all-consuming passion for their art. If you are in this for money, as mentioned earlier, that might not be a good motivation. Making money out of it is a long journey, and without passion to sustain you, you won’t be too keen to walk this road.

It’s all right if you discover that you are not in love with music as much as you thought. After all, there may be something else that could make you passionate about it. But if you find in yourself that there’s nothing else you’d rather do, then you have what it takes to make it work. Run a comparison with other things you have tried; if music always comes on top, then you know what to do.

4. Never give up

Don’t imagine that all the musicians you love have known success from the first time they sent a demo to a record company or climbed on a stage. Just like other artists from various fields, most of them, if not all, have known the bitter taste of defeat at least a few times.

But that didn’t stop them, and that’s the lesson you must learn. Try to find out more about the early days of your favorite musicians. Take it easy, expand your talent with the help of, there is no such as thing called shortcut to success. You will discover that they knew their fair share of failures before striking big.

5. Creativity is part of your life

You can’t be a great musician without being creative. While you may be good at playing an instrument, a real musician is someone who makes his or her own music. You are creative, and that’s an integral part of a musician’s DNA.

Expand this creativity in finding ways to promote yourself, or to make money from your music. Your creativity shouldn’t stop just at how you create your music.