Eather worcester What is the Best E-Liquid for Flavour?

It can be difficult to decide which e liquid you’re most likely to enjoy – particularly if you’re buying online without a great deal of experience of different brands and flavours.

That’s why the team at Cloudstix have put together this guide to e-juice for flavour lovers. It explains a little about how to get the best possible flavour hit, while also making a few recommendations regarding where to look in order to fulfil your particular tastes.

What Type of E-Juice Packs the Best Flavour Hit?

While e liquid flavours themselves will always vary hugely, the way in which that flavour is delivered usually depends on the PG/VG ratio.

PG stands for Propylene Glycol, and the higher a juice’s PG content, the more significant the throat hit and the intensity of its flavour.

VG, or vegetable glycerine, will always form the entire other half of the ratio (for example, if an e-liquid contains 60% PG, it will also contain 40% VG – making the PG/VG ratio 60/40).

VG is a thicker liquid that affects the volume of the vape clouds a juice is able to produce. It’s worth noting that any vape hardware can handle high PG juices or a relatively balanced ratio, which high VG liquids should be vaped using a sub-ohming device due to their viscosity.

In summary, if you want intense flavours, high PG juices are likely to be best every time.

How Do I Track Down My Ideal Flavours?

Choosing your next flavour experiment, particularly online, can seem a little daunting. While manufacturers and suppliers try their best to describe the sensations produced by a particular juice, the effect will never be the same as trying it yourself.

The best way to start is to ask yourself what you like. Are you a fan of sweet flavours and desserts? Do you prefer something fruitier? What about sourness or richness? Are you a coffee fan, or do you like the cooling headiness of menthol?

The best e-liquid suppliers will allow you to filter their products by flavour “type”, which will help you to track down your ideal tastes using one or more of the above descriptions. Of course, you can also enter those terms in a search engine to be directed to the right product.

Word of mouth is also extremely handy – particularly if you know that you have similar tastes to a friend who also vapes. Listening to their advice and trying out some of their recommended juices is a great way of finding your next favourite flavour.

Also, be sure to look for reviews of certain products and brands – either on specialist sites such as Trustpilot or on the product pages of trusted suppliers.

You may find that the individuals who leave these reviews – many of whom are consumers such as yourself, not professionals, which means that they’re more likely to leave honest and unfiltered feedback – provide a clearer idea of the nature of a flavour and may either agree or disagree with the description provided by the brand itself without any real agenda.

Are Some Brands Better Than Others?

You should always choose a trusted and established supplier who offers top vapes from leading manufacturers.

It’s worth looking into the track record and successes of certain brands when it comes to a particular field of flavour.

For example, veteran producer Vampire Vapes is perhaps most applauded for its rich and complex fruity juices, while Loaded often comes out on top with their dessert, cake and confectionary-style offerings.

Twelve Monkeys is great for tangy, tropical flavour hits, while Steep Lyfe Vape Co isn’t afraid to venture into the unknown for left-of-field but hyper-realistic tastes such as Rhubarb Gin, Frosted Flakes and Latte.

If you crave purity of flavour, Cloudstix’s “own brand” juices are great – with tastes ranging from simple Banana or Blueberry to rich Gold Tobacco or cool Spearmint.

By learning a little about the specialisms of each manufacturer, you’ll be able to determine which is best when it comes to achieving the exact flavours you love.

To browse the flavours available via the Cloudstix website, simply use the filters on our E-Liquid page to narrow down your search according to your preferences.

Check out our “About Electronic Cigarettes” section to find out more specific details about e-juice and vape hardware.

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