Eight Websites for Learners That Help in Self Development and Learning

Students understand the value of using the internet to learn and source for essay writing materials. Almost everyone is on social media, and families and friends are now using these platforms to share happy moments. Sharing photos and videos of our happy moments is not all the internet has to offer. The internet offers many custom dissertation writing service providers that suit learners in different academic levels.

The internet carries lots of information that learners can use to learn and improve their way of life. There are hundreds of good avenues, but this article will credit these 8 websites.

  1. Coursera—Coursera’s website supplies quality learning courses and materials. Learners can enroll for any course they’ve passion in and study it online without paying a dime. Once you complete the course, you’ll be awarded a certification of qualification.
  2. FastEssay—students in search of custom essay writing services should head to FastEssay. The FastEssay website offer learners a chance to order for research and essay papers at budget friendly rates. Content buyers enjoy 24-hour support and timely updates.
  3. EDX—this site works just like Coursera. The site has tons of useful and high-value materials and courses. Learners can select any courses of their choice and study at their own pace. You’ll be awarded a certificate of qualification once you’ve completed the course.
  4. Lifehacker—this website is engineered to offer different tips and hacks that could help you live a more valuable life. When shopping or making decisions, consult Lifehacker for the most viable solutions. Consult the site when you are in search of the best recipes and diet plans, as well.
  5. YouTube Education—you’ll find this YouTube section fun and educative. It provides education videos on different topics and subjects. The best thing about subscribing to this section of YouTube is that you’ll never lack quality videos. The videos are supplied on a frequent basis so learners will always have something new. No need to worry about payment since the videos are offered for free.
  6. TEDed—TED has a worldwide reputation. The site holds multiple conferences all through the year touching on different topics. TEDed is a version of TED that provides short animations containing useful information and interesting topics.
  7. Gutenberg—the next great website to help learners live better is Gutenberg. This website collects an extensive range of books that are of different genres. The books are offered free of charge, and provide great resources for learners to access and learn multiple materials. This online source provides high-quality literature that you will need to pay to access in other websites.
  8. Audible—learners need to access and study multiple books to up their writing skills, grammar and literature understanding. Having to carry a book every time you are traveling to college doesn’t sound fun and easy. Audio books provide an excellent solution in such cases. And audible is the ultimate destination for such awesome learning materials.


Studying online has become so common in many homes today. Students and parents are accustomed to learning online. The huge amounts of learning resources online make for simple learning. Online learning streamline and ease the otherwise complex process of accessing learning materials and enrolling for different courses.

Find the learning resources you consider best and use them to up your skills and knowledge of different life aspects. You shouldn’t rely so much on the internet and forget about the benefits that come with other types of resources. It may interest you to know that printed books are a bit more interesting and fun to read compared to online resources, and so having some books with you isn’t a bad idea.