Everything you need to know about online gambling in the UK

Gambling is a pastime that many people enjoy all over the world, whether they’re fans of card games, slot machines or sports games. Many well-known games have been enjoyed for centuries, with some games harking back to Ancient China in the 9th century, as noted by this helpful Medium article.

But where does online gambling fit into this piece of history?

Online gambling is an area of the gaming that faces a lot of scrutiny, as there are inconsistent laws regulating it all around the world. Take a look at this article by the Gambler’s Daily Digest on the online gambling in the US alone- you’ll be able to spot how even neighbouring states in America can’t decide upon how to legislate online gaming.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the world of online gaming from the perspective of the UK gambling scene. Here at the Grapevine in Birmingham, we’re dedicated to bringing you the most interesting, alternative sources of entertainment in the country, and we think that you’re going to love the UK gambling world.

Are you allowed to gamble online in the UK?

To start off with, what laws are there surrounding online gaming in the UK? All UK residents aged 18 and over can gamble online safely and only the gambling websites and regulators need to worry about the more detailed laws.

Put simply, it’s perfectly legal to gamble online in the UK if you’re of the correct age and a legal resident. It’s worth noting that gambling winnings are exempt from being taxed, and that there is lots of support in place for compulsive gamblers in the UK.

What types of online gambling are there?

As with in-person gambling, there are plenty of different types of online games to enjoy in the UK. You can access all of the traditional games like slots and poker online- take a look here at one of our personal favourites, OnlineCasinoGems.com

There are other types of online gambling of course, and this article by the Group Travel Organiser points out that betting on horses is one of the most popular. There are plenty of fantastic horse betting websites that can help to make the experience just as thrilling and fulfilling as it would be to hit the tracks in person.

Sports betting is also very popular in the UK gambling scene, and it has meshed with the online gaming world perfectly. There are lots of innovative websites that allow gamers to get fully immersed within a game or match, and provide plenty of fun opportunities to win.

Something that’s very interesting in the online gambling scene is the use of mobile applications and games. Nowadays, there are countless games available to download for both new and experienced gamblers alike.

Why would people opt to gamble online?

So, why would people choose to play these games online when they could just go down the road to the betting shop and play them in person? The answer is convenience.

It’s incredibly easy for gamers to be able to access their favourite sites and games without even having to leave the comfort of their home. They can play a quick game of poker when they come home from work, or even take their favourite bingo app with them to play on their daily commute.

This also makes gambling much more accessible to people who might struggle leaving the house, perhaps due to disabilities or duty of care for children or elderly family members. Accessibility is incredibly important, no matter the industry in question.

Another reason why people might choose to gamble online is that it can simply be a lot of fun. As the Weekly Slots News notes, one of the main reasons why people choose to gamble is to relax and have fun. One of our personal favourite examples of a great online gaming site is Casino War- have a look here for a full review.

What precautions should you take when gambling online?

Of course, as with any form of gambling, it is important to be careful when you’re gaming online. Just because you’re not in a physical casino or shop doesn’t mean that bad things can’t occur when you’re gaming.

Firstly, always make sure that you’re gaming with a verified website. Don’t just start putting your money into a dodgy looking website, and always make sure that you check out the reviews before you start gaming. Unfortunately, there are scammers around to be wary of when it comes to gambling online.

Additionally, please make sure that you’re gambling responsibly. Make sure you read the small print and the terms and conditions too. Never gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose, and take a break when the game you’re playing stops being fun.

As we said earlier, there are some great places to get help in the UK if you need help with your gambling. Play responsibly, and don’t be ashamed to ask for help if you need it.

To sum up

Online gambling is incredibly popular in the UK, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a gambling scene that is well legislated and well organised, and it offers plenty of bonuses for gamblers who win big. There’s plenty of fun games and interesting websites for people to enjoy, no matter the type of gaming that they’re interested in.

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