Fashion Tips for a Range of Events

Sometimes in life, there are occasions that call for a dress code. Weddings, funerals, parties, the list goes on, and all of them require different outfits. Sometimes it can be hard to know what clothes are appropriate for certain occasions and which aren’t. There are some basic rules that can help you to pick the right outfit for the right event; just follow some of our handy tips.

Dressing for Fashion Events

It wouldn’t be much of fashion show if people attending weren’t expected to look their best, but what exactly is the protocol when it comes to dressing for a fashion show? The upcoming Hyatt High Tea fashion show this spring will have loads of people putting on their glad rags, and the key to a successful outfit for a fashion event is not to sell yourself short. You don’t have to spend loads of money to look great and keeping it casual is just as acceptable, but you will benefit hugely from good tailoring and your best pair of shoes. Remember that there will be a lot of sitting, so you don’t have to worry about your feet hurting in your fabulous mules!

Dressing for a Casino

The casino has an air of glamour to it, and as a result most casinos have a dress code in place, though it’s rarely as formal as the movies make it seem. Most casinos have a smart casual dress code in place, so no jeans or trainers if you can help it. Of course, in places like Las Vegas the dress code is a little more relaxed, especially during the day, but if you want the full casino experience then follow the rules and keep it classy.

If you want the casino experience but don’t want to have to get dressed up, then you can always download the Coral app and play your favourite table top and casino games through your mobile phone or tablet, giving you the chance to try a new online casino without having to leave the comfort of your home. There are all kinds of games available, all playable from your phone and no need to get out of your pyjamas.

Dressing for Parties

Context is key when it comes to finding the right outfit for a party, so make sure you know what kind of party it is before planning your outfit. A house party means that you can dress how you like, but more formal parties, such as a work gathering, may require more formal dress. A simple black dress, or a loose fitting suit, would be ideal for these sorts of events, especially with the right accessories.