French designer bags – The Ideal Travel Accessory

With the pandemic disappearing into the distant past, travel restrictions have been lifted pretty much wholesale around the world. Glamorous and exotic holiday destinations are once again being researched by those wishing to be seen on the beach, in the airport and at the poolside bar. With this in mind, items such as travel bags for the stylish and fashion conscious are back in vogue.

These days, most flights now charge extra for carry on luggage such as small travel suit cases, so you may as well pay for your old fashioned suit case and let the airport staff take the weight off. However, small carry on bags are still free usually, so a small bag with your flight essentials is a great idea, as it can double as a fashion accessory when you’re out on the town in your chosen destination.

One of the finest travel bag brands around, is Longchamp.

Maison Longchamp opened its doors in 1948 France, with six production sites which crafted beautiful designer travel bags and hand bags in their Mayenne, Vendée, Maine-et-Loire and Orne workshops.

Longchamp is a family run business which is still going strong over 70 years later. With a staggering 800 + employees, in over 25 workshops, the fine craftsmanship involved has made it difficult for the brand to train workers in other countries, however, there are sites in Tunisia and Mauritius with the brand utilising partner workshops in France, China, Romania and Morocco.

The Longchamp brand has prided itself on being a family run business, with high quality designer leather hand bags, crafted from generation to generation, keeping the tradition of French expertise and contemporary design which appeal to a universal audience.

The skills in leather work at Longchamp make it a world leader, for instance, their leather-wrapped pipes, hand bags and luggage bags, mean it is a go-to for many people looking for design quality and build. The brand were the first House to use soft leather to cover pipes which makes for a stronger bad. The ingenuity of sheathing is a fine art, and technical skill which allows for a second skin to cover and protects the bag which is also lightweight.

In addition to this, the design are highly sought after, bold and daring, on point and always in vogue.

For instance. The Longchamp Toiletpaper Travel Bag, has a cool urban design, with bright colour schemes. It features a zip closure, detachable shoulder strap, inside flat pocket and comes in a recycled polyester canvas, with metallic hardware silver color, and Russian leather (cowhide) trimming.

It closes with a zipper and snap button meaning it’s a perfect travel bag for quick secure access to your travel items such as passport, wallet, sunglasses and phone.

There really are a huge variety of Longchamp travel bags to choose from, but regardless of which design you go for, you can rest assured the quality and design will be second to none from this French fashion brand with such beautiful provenance. Happy holidays and don’t forget your toothbrush!