How Can I Improve My English Essay-Writing?

Writing an essay, for some reason, remains the most challenging part of any exam. Writing is not just the ability to hold a pen or tap the keyboard with your fingers. Moreover, it is not enough just to know the structure of an essay to earn the highest score. Together with the essay writing service, we have prepared tips for you to improve your essay writing in English.

Knowledge and Erudition

Having knowledge and thoughts on a wide variety of topics is a good thing. Understanding global and local processes is good!

This is not a problem for erudite and curious people who are able to analyze phenomena. Those who read not only Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health, but also follow the news and events in the world.

But still, how real is it to be an expert who understands all areas of life? Who can say how justified the investment in space exploration is? I don’t think anyone wakes up with that thought. However, during the exams, you may easily find yourself on topics that are completely unrelated to your interests. So how do you improve your knowledge? You can read analytical articles on current issues in reputable magazines like New Scientist. Watch TED lectures, where many global issues are discussed. Nowadays, the world and Information Technology offer us much more than just Instagram’s feed and Facebook.

Ability to Think

This is the basic and essential skill that will help write any essay. It’s impossible to know everything, we’ve already figured it out. But the availability of analytical skills and the ability to think, reflect, and improvise on any topic will always remain with you. There is one catch, though, with analytical abilities. You either have them by a certain age, or you don’t. However, there are ways to develop them — read and self-educate! For the sake of practice, set yourself absurd topics, ask ridiculous questions, and improvise for a few minutes. So, the questions “Why do we need the Sun?”, “Is it better to have a laptop or a smartphone?” or “All women with red hair – witches: truth or false?” seem to be absolute heresy. But this exercise really helps to develop the habit of not getting lost, to improvise and think aloud.

Level of English

No erudition, ability to think analytically, improvise, and no knowledge of assessment criteria will help to write an essay on a high score if the level of English does not allow to express all their brilliant thoughts and carefully considered arguments.

On the other hand, a low level is not terrible if you have other skills. Even at B1, you can write a good essay if you don’t focus on what you don’t know.

However, there is no limit to perfection, and language evolves as we grow older. Naturally, this happens on the condition that we develop it ourselves. If you are unsure of your knowledge or have a clear understanding of your weaknesses in grammar, punctuation, or stylistics, it is time to revise the basic rules again.

Write Every Day

There is no better way to improve something than to practice it on a daily basis. Mastering your essay writing skills is like trying to get abs — it requires perseverance and hard work. You should add practicing your writing skills to your daily routine. These could be essays on some interesting or bizarre topics, or you can try the freewriting technique. Basically, you just have to write what’s on your mind for a certain period of time without stopping. There is also an interesting method described in Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way.” It is called the morning pages and is basically similar to the previously mentioned technique. Write about the movie you saw, the song that was in your head all day long, the unexpected meeting, the river near your house, your favorite Italian cuisine, etc.. Express your opinion about the influence of the Internet, global financial trends, the “right” age for marriage, unusual traditions, extreme sports and so on. Don’t rewrite the sentence as you go. You can reread the essay only when you have finished it and think about things you can improve.