How Meditation And Mindfulness Can Benefit Musicians And Boost Their Performance

Most musicians are in touch with their inner selves, to the point that they sometimes appear to forget about everything that surrounds them as they focus on their art and their art alone, even disregarding the fact that they came to a gig with a famous brand scooter chosen carefully from the well-known ones only to leave it outside, forget about it and get into a taxi. For that reason, they may seem to be the opposite of mindfulness which is total awareness of one’s surroundings.

However, musicians can benefit significantly from meditation and mindfulness exercises. Those who practice such techniques regularly admit that they feel more creative. Also, the stress caused by performance anxiety, for instance, is much reduced.

Meditation puts you in touch with the creative part of your brain

As you wade through life, mental clutter begins to accumulate. Trying to be creative in an environment that seems bent on preventing you from hearing your own thoughts is a hassle. That is why musicians and creative individuals, in particular, need to practice meditation and mindfulness daily.

The idea for your next musical piece lies dormant in your brain. But you cannot access it, as it is buried underneath all the mental clutter mentioned earlier. With the help of meditation and mindfulness exercises, you push away all this clutter, and you can see your artistic vision, completely unhindered.

Did you know there is a strong connection between Buddhism and music? Chants and musical instruments are often used ritualistically by monks as a way to ascend to a higher plane of existence. Using practices as those invented by Buddhism such as meditation to gain access to your inner creativity is, therefore, natural.

You will be able to focus on your music better

Creative minds often found themselves in conflict with their aspirations when they need to practice the same piece over and over again, to achieve perfection. Who knows how many artists have given up mid-way because they could not find that inner balance needed for them to focus?

There is some good explanation for why mindfulness and meditation can help you focus better on your music. Whether you like it or not, there are plenty of distractions all around you. When you must practice, it only appears that these distractions are trying even harder to make you lose your way.

With the help of meditation, you will be able to treat such distractions differently. And mindfulness exercises will teach you to focus on what is going on in the present.

Your performance on stage will receive a boost

Have you ever experienced stage fright? Even if you consider yourself calm enough to face an audience, you might discover that last minute jitters can negatively affect your performance.

Again, this is where meditation and mindfulness can help you as a musician. Those who practice mindfulness regularly are better performers than the rest. By meditating, you create a strong bond between body and mind, and you will be able to focus on the present.

When a stage performance is involved, such benefits are obvious. Your reaction times are improved, and you don’t experience the same muscular tension as usual. Also, practicing meditation will help you develop self-confidence.