How to Become a Pro at Cooking

Well, foody is not all about gulping delicious cuisines, but why not be a pro chef. Have you’re ever thought of a career in cooking; if not, then you must. This is probably an amazing profession for people who are passionate about food.

Being a chef or a cooking instructor is easy. Either you can enroll yourself in hospitality and hotel management courses. If you need it to be a pro chef to skill your cooking hobby, you can read blog like huffpost for new entries of recipe. Even there are ample of culinary and cooking tutorials videos and articles available.

The Considerable Tips from Chef’s Desk to Become Pro at Cooking

Learn the Skills to Hold Knife

It is important to grip the knife properly, carefully, and with accuracy. Keep your fingers tucked while you slice the vegetables and fruits. Each people have their skills to hold a knife, but the pro-style is to grip it from the blade, pinching the bottom of it with thumb and fingers.

Be Smart to Chop and Cut Veggies and Fruits

The best way to chop and cut vegetables, nuts, and fruits on the mandolin board with a sharp knife. It will help you to get consistent slices in accurate shape and size.

Try the Unexpected Way of Available Ingredients

A kitchen is a place which is not less than a laboratory to experiment on food. Your pantry ingredients are the considerable aspects to make any cuisine more delicious, innovative, and mouthwatering. Your hands and skills with ingredients can make new flavors of regular dishes tastier.

Never Forget To Garnish

Food works are the appetizer for most of the people, and it lacks in flavor, taste, and look can make foody happy. The garnishing of the dishes you served is important to make food look more attractive and catchy in taste. An extra pinch of herbs, spoon of cream, or grated cheeses can fascinate your family and friends to eat with great enjoyment.

Don’t Miss To Blend Liquids Better

While cooking, if you are using broths, stocks, water, or juice, best blend them for excellent consistency. Just a spin is fair enough to get the smooth and creamy texture to your ingredients. The better blend will definitely help food in delivering outstanding taste, flavor, and texture.

Turn Up the Heat

Check the flame according to the need of food you are cooking. Don’t make it sear or on high levels. Be careful with food; let it cook properly. Over flame can overcook it or even can burn, and you will miss the desired taste and texture. So keep flame moderate not too low or high, for proper circulation of heat into the pan while cooking, caramelizing, etc.

Let Your Food Get Normal in Room Temperature before You Cook

This comes especially when you are planning for meat steak and want to grill them. Allow your meat to let and sit into room temperature. It is even important for vegetables when kept for long in the refrigerator. People generally take meat or veggies out from the fridge and start chopping, marinating, and cooking. This is a fall for the right taste, texture, and flavor of the food.

Slice It with Patience

You need to polish your skills as a pro cook in slicing and marinating the meat. You’re chopping and cleaning of meat or vegetables will give the final dish a mouthwatering taste.

Use Different Salts and Spices

Instead of using coarse salt, you can experiment with other salts like smoked salt, rock salt, black salt, flake salt, pink salt, kosher salt, etc. It will help to add a bit of new taste in food, and the quality of hotel cuisine at home. Even take of other spices while you cook, as too much hot food with chilies and pepper can damage your cooking efforts.

Don’t Afraid Of Onions

Most people just hate to chop onions, as they cause eyes to water, and even itching to few. But if you want to be a pro cook, then don’t cry over onions; just keep them in ice water for 10-15 minutes and then cut. This will help you in fine chopping of onions and no cry sessions while cooking.

End It with Drizzle of Olive Oil

It is better to use extra-virgin olive oil for garnishing, dressing, and cooking food. The use of olive oil is a really healthy choice, and most of the professional chefs end their servings with few drizzles of olive oil. This is really a silky finish with a healthy gloss.