How to Get a Great Car Accident Attorney

Did you get in a serious car accident that another person caused? Then you may need a car accident attorney to obtain the best settlement or verdict. Getting as much money as possible can be vital to recovering your health and finances after an accident. 

Find a Lawyer Specialized in Car Accident Law

There are many kinds of personal injury law. Car accidents are just one type of accident where you can get compensation. Others include slip and falls, product defects, and swimming accidents. 

You need to choose an attorney who has years of experience in car accident cases. The last thing you want to do is hire a real estate attorney to negotiate with the insurance company about your car accident case. 

Choose a Lawyer Willing to Go to Court

It’s true that most car accident cases settle out of court. But if the insurance company stonewalls you and won’t offer a just settlement, you need a fearless attorney that is willing to take the insurer apart in court. 

Some attorneys prefer to work only in settlements. But note that the insurance company will know if your lawyer is a “serious operator” who produces favorable car crash verdicts. If so, you may have an easier time securing a fair settlement. Most insurance companies want to avoid going to court because the jury could award you more money. 

Look for a Lawyer with Proven Settlements and Verdicts

Getting big case results takes skill and experience. Be sure that you have a lawyer with impressive case results going back a few years. 

Ask the lawyer if they ever got a $1 million settlement or verdict for a car or truck crash. That’s a sign that you have a serious attorney. Remember that insurance companies make their money by paying as little as possible on settlements. Don’t let that happen to you with an amateur hour lawyer. 

Find a Lawyer with Robust Financial Resources

Does the attorney look like they make a lot of money? How nice is their office, their car, their clothes? These appearances matter because litigating a complex car or truck crash case is expensive. You need to have a lawyer that can afford to front most of the legal costs of your case and ride it to its conclusion. 

Many car accident cases require expert testimony, and those experts can run hundreds of dollars per hour. There also are many ongoing expenses that must be covered. A good attorney has the financial backing to shoulder those expenses to keep your outlay at a minimum. 

Search for a Lawyer with a Lot of Teaching and Education Experience

One of the common aspects of experienced attorneys is they are considered authorities in their legal specialty. They’ll probably give presentations and lectures to other attorneys on the finer details of car accident law. Or, they write regular white papers and articles about complex legal topics. 

When your lawyer is a respected authority, that only can be an asset to your car accident case. 

Hunt for a Lawyer Who Belongs to State and National Legal Groups 

Hardcore personal injury lawyers work with other excellent attorneys in the personal injury field. It always helps for your lawyer to possess all the latest information about the tricks and tactics of shady insurance companies. 

If you follow these essential guidelines, you’ll find a car accident attorney that gives you the best chance of a fair settlement or favorable verdict. You need to have as much money as you can to recover and get back to life, so hire the best attorney you can.