How to Get Your Fixer-Upper Property Ready for Move-In

Buying a home from auction is a good way to save a significant amount of money, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be spending the money you have saved in other ways. The reason to go for an auction property is because you are already planning on renovating the entire property, so the fact that it doesn’t look its best is not a problem. It makes it easier to get right instead of first stripping down a perfectly functioning home.

While a lot of work can be conducted after you move in, there are a few essential steps that you will want to have handled long before you move in. Do these steps in advance, and you will have a working home ready for a big update:

Have Any Immediate Structural, Electrical, and Plumbing Issues Repaired

You should never buy an auction property without having an extensive report done. If there are wires that are of concern, a leak, or other necessary structural repairs, this must be one of the first things you need to do. The only time you should buy a derelict property is when you have the money and plans to invest in a full reconstruction. For those hoping to flip the home on their own time, this isn’t an option.

Get structural issues fixed first, then you can safely move in.

Remove Rubbish

The only time having those structural issues fixed will come second is when there is simply too much rubbish and materials to get the work done effectively. This may be inside, it may be in the garage, or it may even be in your garden spaces. If there is significant amount of rubbish to work through, then hiring professional rubbish clearance is a must. They will come, load up the rubbish, and then sort through it to recycle as much as they can from it. Only once your property is clear can you take stock of what there is to do and how you can get started.

Have Backup Spaces Ready

If the bathrooms are not ready for regular use, then rent a port-a-loo. If your kitchen is the space that is being gutted and renovated first, set up a temporary kitchen space. Depending on the state of the property even with these back-ups you may not be allowed to live on the property until it reaches a certain standard, but having these back-ups can make it easy to feed yourself while working through the day, and of course, will give yourselves somewhere to go to the bathroom when working on your renovations.

Always Work with Experts

There is a lot of things that everyday homeowners can do to renovate their auction property themselves. It doesn’t take a lot to remove old flooring, wallpaper, or paint. It also doesn’t take a lot to install basic things, like floors or taps. If you are dealing with electricity, plumbing, or the structure of your home, however, you need experts. You should also work with experts along the way so that you know what you can safely attempt on your own, and what will be a danger (or illegal).

Your property will need to reach a certain standard before you can move in. By working with experts, you can navigate what you can and cannot do easily, effectively, and quickly.