How To Have A Night Out Like A True and Classy Gentleman

We all know that famous song “Girls Wanna Have Fun”, however, we cannot currently remember any other with a similar theme, only in this case that it’s dedicated to men. They love having fun too!

At the end of the day, who doesn’t? Still, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy, or a girl, it’s important not to make a fool of yourself and to stay class in every situation. Sounds impossible? Trust us, it isn’t.

After a long, hard day, every man deserves to take a break and celebrate life with his pals. Yes, you can always stay at home, but sometimes, you just have to break free and simply enjoy as much as possible. Running out of ideas? Don’t worry! We will give you some!

Sensational Tips To Have The Time Of Your Life!

Take It Easy!

This doesn’t mean that you should lower your expectations and look forward to a disaster. Far from that! Namely, the only thing you’re supposed to do is not to expect too much. That’s the key to have an unforgettable time.

Usually, when people have high expectations, they end up being disappointed and that’s not something you want to feel with their mates. The most memorable nights occur precisely when you literally expect nothing in particular to happen.

Perceive things like this – you are going out with your friends, you are drinking a glass of your favorite drink, maybe eating delicious food and dancing to your favorite song. So far so good. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Bring Your Favorite Cigars

This refers to those who already smoke of course. Those who love cigars would probably share our opinion that nothing is as relaxing as a high-quality cigar. A premium cigar typically utilizes top-notch tobacco.

Really many cigar smokers and aficionados love the relaxation a cigar offers. In order to achieve the relaxation state you should choose the best Cuban cigars which will give you that relaxing mood, aroma and pleasure.

The point is to consume something that’s of great quality. Cigar makers at Gotham Cigars are absolutely convinced that quality must always be a priority. It has to be created by hand and comes with various, tempting aromas.

Only then you will be able to fully enjoy them. Every smoker will tell you that he or she is inhaling them precisely for their flavor, as well as a great experience. So ensure to bring your favorite tobacco during your night out.

More Activities To Upgrade Your Night

The Guess List

You definitely cannot have a great night out if you’re spending it in a queue while waiting for someone to finally come to their senses and let you in. Waiting in line is nowhere near entertaining.

Outside is probably too cold, you cannot drink, nor dance. You are practically wasting your time. So, in order to prevent this unpleasant occurrence, it would be advisable if you first contact the bar and ask them to put you on the guest list. Once that is done, you can say goodbye to queues.


Nothing is more appealing than a nice perfume. People tend to say that a great perfume is typically stronger than things like appearance, or even words. Don’t believe us? Ask the ladies. We strongly believe that they will almost instantly confirm it. You can visit Pulse of Perfumery to find the best perfumes you can get your hands on.

Whenever someone smells wonderful, they suddenly become even more attractive. Now, no one says that you should go out to find a woman of your dreams, but we are pretty convinced it wouldn’t hurt if all eyes were on you, wouldn’t it?

Prepare Yourself

Now, we’ve mentioned tobacco, perfume and both of these elements are nothing without amazing clothes. We know that a plethora of men are totally fine with looking casual like they are at their own home, but it’s not how things work.

You should look presentable and sharp. It doesn’t mean that a suit and tie are necessary, however, a touch of elegance definitely wouldn’t hurt, on the contrary. If you have nothing to wear (like most women) purchase a brand-new pair of jeans.

If you add a nice pair of shoes to this combination, you will look breathtaking. If you haven’t visited a barber or hairdresser in a while, now it’s maybe the perfect time to do that. It isn’t a must (if you’re into beard or longer hair), however, it would certainly complement your overall image.

Planning a night out can be a bit overwhelming at times, but with a little bit of effort and solid organization, everything can be done perfectly. We honestly hope that with these tips, you and your boys will be able to hit the streets and experience moments that you will never forget! Ladies, sit, and watch them have fun!