How to Host the Perfect Wine Cocktail Party

Bring cocktail parties back with a bang by being the perfect host that’ll leave your guests enticed for ages and wanting for more.

Cocktail parties were a thing of the past but quite recently it has been raging up the popularity charts again. Everybody loves a good wine and beer, however, mixed drinks are becoming something of a trend. From entertaining friends and neighbors to business colleagues, cocktail parties are the perfect way to socialize, and also, without having to prepare a large meal for dinner, you’ll have your hands free to have a drink yourself!

Not having to plan a large dinner-party is probably the best part about having a cocktail party. However, you can have different types of snacks or bites for everyone to chew on so that you will be sure that guests don’t go home hungry. There are several small appetizers that you can prepare so if one of the guests doesn’t quite like a particular dish, for instance, he or she can have other options to try on.

Planning & Budgeting

First and foremost, you need to have a plan about where you’ll have the party (indoors or outdoors), how many guests you want to invite, the amount of food and drinks required according to the guest list, and most importantly, the cost. Prepare and plan a week or two ahead so when it comes to implementing the plan, there won’t be any surprises.

Cocktail Varieties

While wine and beer are the go-to drinks, mixed drinks are now becoming more popular. Cosmopolitan, apple martini, mojito, bloody mary are among others that are quite popular or you can try different flavors to make your wine cocktails taste unforgettable.

Cocktail tidbits

Whether a beginner or a pro at hosting a cocktail party, to make your event successful you can take a look at some of the ideas below:

  • Ice, ice, ice: be sure to have a stock of ice stored up before the event. Ice is needed to chill beer, wine, champagne and also serve guests who want drinks on the rock. So, try to calculate by having a pound of ice per guest so that you’ll know how much to stock up on.
  • Hire a bartender: some caterers also provide bartending services that you can hire for the 2-hour event. Hiring a bartender keeps you free from preparing the drinks yourself and allows you to engage with your guests. Bartenders are also quite good at mixing drinks and won’t let you be disappointed.
  • Order cocktails online: if however, you do not want to hire a bartender and neither want to mix the drinks yourself, another great way is to order cocktail drinks online. You’ll be able to choose and pre-order from a wide variety of flavors and also look out for some discounts they may offer.
  • Glasses: make sure you have different sorts of glasses for different drinks. Wine glasses, tumblers for spirits or fruit juices, mugs, pints, or snifter for different sorts of beer, and martini glasses.
  • Wine/champagne: if you are considering it only a wine and champagne party, have both white and red wine available. One bottle per 2 guests would suffice but having a few more bottles on hand would be better.
  • Drink mixers: make sure to stock up on different mixers such as orange juices, ginger ales, lemons, horseradish, olives, tonic, and many others.
  • Coffee and taxi: Have coffee available for those who went a little overboard and you know they won’t be able to drive home. Have your local taxi numbers in hand if you have any guests that require assistance to go home in case of being too drunk to drive. Coffee can give their consciousness a boost which will at least enables them to direct the drivers to their homes.
  • No children allowed: cocktail events are not a family event so when inviting guests who have kids, let them know to get a babysitter for 2 hours.

Food Tidbits

  • Serve simple snacks: Since it’s a casual party, large meal preparation is not necessary. Simple snacks, which would fairly be easy to make, such as seafood, finger foods, cheese, crackers, tapenade, bruschetta, etc. are excellent ideas to keep the guests filled up. You can prepare all these before the event or if you don’t want to handle food, ask family or friends for help or hire a caterer. You can also review foods from different restaurants and order some before the party.
  • Sweet tooth: Have something sweet for the guests to chew on and which will also act as a sign that the party will be over soon.
  • Always have more: In the case of food, it is always a good idea to have more stocked up and ready to serve. If you’ve run out of food and the guests are hungry, now wouldn’t that become a disaster! So, remember, when planning any kind of party, always have

plenty of food.

Whatever menu you decide, make sure the recipes are easy to follow and quick to prepare. You can always hire a caterer if you want to take your mind off foods and socialize with your guests instead.


A bit of music playing in the background always soothes the soul. Prepare a number of tracks from slow songs to dance numbers so guests are encouraged to hit the dance floor. Before that make sure you clear out some space for people to dance at, whether the party is indoors or outdoors. The more space, the more comfortable your guests will be at moving around.

Wine cocktail parties are the best way to engage yourself with others and socialize with old family, friends, work colleagues, and business partners. Use the freshest ingredients for your drinks and foods and avoid complicated recipes. Ask family and friends to help you with the food and drinks or you can hire a caterer to take care of it. Make sure you let your guests, who have kids, know it’s an adult party and encourage them to hire a sitter for 2 hours. Most important of all, just keep it plain & simple!