How to Improve Your Poker Skills While Casinos Are Shut

Poker is a fun and enjoyable game with the potential to earn big money in winnings if you get the strategy right. However, with the UK currently in lockdown for the third time due to the COVID-19 crisis, casinos are understandably closed temporarily to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and encourage social distancing in society. The good news, however, is that you don’t have to miss out on your favourite game just because casinos have closed their doors. While it might be harder to get the full casino experience right now, there are plenty of options to consider for anybody who wants to use the lockdown period to seriously improve their poker skills ready for when the casinos have reopened.

Play Free Games

If you’re in a pinch, there are a number of free casino games that you can play online with a mobile or tablet app, or even on your gaming console. If you have an Xbox, PS4, or prefer to game on a PC, you can download Prominence Poker on any platform – a game that allows you to play table games and compete in tournaments either against computer-generated players or other players live. It can be a fun game to play and does not cost a penny since you earn virtual chips in-game while improving your poker skills at the same time. For those who prefer to play on a smartphone or tablet, Zynga poker is an excellent option with a range of stakes tables available and various tournament options designed to be fun, free, and a great way to polish your poker skills without risking losing a penny.

Check Out the Best Online Casinos

Free games are fun, but if you’re missing out on the thrill of winning real money then it might be time to check out some of the best online casino options. Over the past year, the online casino gaming industry has seriously boomed with more people signing up than ever before. Players who’ve found themselves without a casino to go to and others who want a new hobby to pass the time have all signed up to online casino sites, making the industry more competitive than ever before. Start by checking out; you can use this site to find out more about the newest online casinos available and compare the best options based on new player bonuses, security levels, customer services, range of games available and more. is easy to use and provides you with a way to quickly find out where the best bonuses are so that you can get the most from your playing time.

Play with Family

With most people at home with their households during the lockdown, it’s no surprise that many of us are at a loss of what to do. Perhaps you’ve watched everything that was on your Netflix or Amazon Prime list and the family is getting increasingly bored with being at home and unable to go out to see friends or even enjoy a meal at a restaurant. The good news is that it won’t last forever, and playing poker can be a fun way to bond together as a family and have a fun evening together during the week. If you are working from home and have teens doing online schooling, a game of poker can help you all destress. You can find poker kits online from a range of stores such as Amazon and they definitely come in handy for family gaming nights and, in the future, all those parties you’re planning to throw when you can finally freely see extended family and friends once again.

Watch Training Videos

If you want a way to pass the time in lockdown while learning some new poker skills, you might want to check out some poker training videos. YouTube offers a wealth of knowledge from professional poker players and you can easily find videos that you can use to help you improve your poker strategy, learn a different style of poker, or refresh your knowledge of the basics if you haven’t played in a while. You can find videos that focus on winning big in either low- or high-stakes games, and it’s easy to put what you’re learning into practice as you go along at an online casino website.

Join Online Forums

If you miss the social aspect of going to the casino and would like to meet some new people who share the same interests as yourself, online casino forums can be a great way to make new friends online and learn more about playing poker during the lockdown. There are plenty of forums to choose from, filled with people who know a lot about playing poker and are willing to share their expertise, plus others like yourself who are mainly there to learn. You can use the forums to ask questions, share resources and information, or just chat with likeminded people who are just as passionate about playing poker as you are.

Read Poker Books

Reading is another hobby that more and more people have taken up during the lockdowns, and if you want a break from the usual bestselling novels, why not grab a poker book for your next read? There are several poker books available written by professional players that provide an excellent insight into the game and often go deeper into various poker topics compared to other forms of training like videos. There are plenty of books authored by professional and expert poker players available to buy online in hardback, paperback, and e-Book format with something available for everybody no matter how you prefer to read. Books written by professional poker players are not only interesting but can be a treasure trove of useful information to any player since they share strategies, tips, and advice based on what helped them to improve their skills and win big.

If you are missing the casino during the lockdown, the good news is that playing poker doesn’t have to wait.