How To Look Your Best For Christmas Photos This Year

It’s been a tough year for many of us but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy Christmas and still put a little bit of effort in for our family photos. We often choose photo gifts for our family members but this Christmas it may be an even more important gift since we can’t always be with our loved ones. A large canvas print for grandma may be the best gift she could receive this year, so looking your best for those all-important photographs is essential.

Here are some ideas on what you can do to ensure that you look your absolute best and are happy with any photos that are taken of you soon.


The clothes that we wear when we are having our photographs taken can make all the difference in how we look, or how we perceive ourselves when we look at the photos at the end. Making sure that we have well-fitting clothes in flattering colours, can make the world of difference. How often have you looked at photos of yourself and being unhappy about the ill-fitting clothes that you have been wearing? It’s always a good idea to make sure that we are wearing comfortable clothes either way because this can make us feel better in general.

Taking a day to research and purchase some new clothes for your next photography opportunity, is time well spent. There are many different stores now that provide petite, tall, plus size, and everything in-between as options. People come in all shapes and sizes, and as long as we are wearing items that we feel good in then nothing else matters.

Your Smile

We all like to see a bright smile looking back at us from photos, and when the photographer tells you to say “cheese” a white smile with beautiful bright teeth is a great feature. Achieving a lovely white smile doesn’t have to be complicated either. The option to whiten your teeth with products such as crest whitestrips is one tool you can use which helps your teeth look wonderful for your photos. Crest whitening strips have become very popular with those of us who are conscious about oral health, and our teeth looking their whitest and for good reason.

Not only does having whiter teeth help us feel as though we have done our very best to look after our smile, but it can also give us a sense of confidence that brings out a more relaxed feel, and the knowledge that we look our very best. This can make all the difference when it comes to photographs of ourselves.


Of course, above all else, the photography itself is going to make a big difference in how you look in your photos. If you are hiring a professional photographer, then checking out their portfolio, to make sure that they match your vision is always the first step. Choosing a photographer that has the same idea of what looks “great”, choosing somebody who knows exactly what they are doing, and is experienced in taking flattering photos and high quality is essential. Photography isn’t just about picking up any old camera and taking photos.

There are lots of tricks and techniques for positively posing photos. Even the prompts that photographers use, and the time of day, can make a huge difference to the overall results. This means that you are more likely to be happier with your photos than if you were to try and do them yourself. This is why professional photographers cost more than you might imagine sometimes, however when you see the images you receive at the end you will be glad you hired them!

If professional photography isn’t in your budget this year though, then you may find that reading up on how to take good family photos or photos, in general, could help you end up with results you can be proud of either way. There are many blogs, vlogs, and books you can read on how to get the best out of your camera or camera phone.


The location of your photography will make a big difference to your photos, if you are looking for a Christmas theme, then you may find locations that have been decorated purely for Christmas, could work out well for your Christmas cards or yearly photo update. Being imaginative with this can help you come up with some creative ideas that the whole family will enjoy. Many people decide to stand in front of Christmas trees, and even choose to stand in front of some shop windows that have been dressed for the season.

If you’re looking for a little more natural results though, then finding a wooded area, or even just some pretty trees in your local area can make a big difference. This year many people have been choosing doorstep photography, as a reminder of the year we have had, and this can also be a great idea, to share with your loved ones.


There is no point in taking high-quality photographs if when you print them they don’t look great. It’s tempting to take your photos to the nearest printing kiosk, but always make sure that you check exactly how they are going to look before you invest too heavily in large numbers of prints.

It isn’t always cheaper this way either, with many print companies sharing special offers around this time of year, so taking care of your prints, weighing up all of your options and researching who others trust with their photo prints, can help you avoid any disastrous results, or end up feeling as though you don’t look your best in this year‘s photos.

Imagine your relatives’ faces when you hand them gorgeous photo prints at Christmas time.

We all agree that photos are precious, and especially at this time of year when we want to give them as gifts, so making sure that you have the best photos at the end of it, is possible if you consider these things.