How to Take Your Birmingham-Based Business to the Next Level

Make no mistake about it, your Birmingham-based business can rub shoulders with organisations that operate in London. If you’re serious about scaling these lofty heights, all you need to do is put the advice laid out below into practice!

Here are two things you must do to take your Brummie company to the next level:

Enhance your regional marketing efforts

First and foremost, you’re going to need to increase your footfall. Your Birmingham-based clientele are your bread and butter — without them, your company would be nothing. In order to appeal to this local audience, you’re going to need to enhance your regional marketing efforts.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay big bucks for billboard space in the middle of Birmingham city centre. You do have other options in this instance, digital marketing being one of them. This is a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to target and ultimately reach your ideal regional audience, which is why you should seek to enhance your efforts with this.

But what specific form of digital marketing should you embrace in your attempt to perform this all-important task? You might think that local SEO is your only option in this instance, but that’s not necessarily true. Inbound marketing is every bit as effective in this sense but only if you are meticulous in your approach to it. This form of advertising won’t just help you to drive traffic to your company website, it’ll help you to drive the right traffic. All leads are good leads, that much cannot be denied, but you really need to hone in on the Brum-based members of your audience if you want to enhance your foot traffic, improve your reputation, and ultimately turn over a greater amount of profit. Rest assured, inbound marketing will help you to do all of these things and more.

To ensure that you optimise your next inbound marketing campaign, be sure to align yourself with an expert like Angelfish. The specialist inbound marketing services that they provide will be sure to help you produce content that is relevant to your target audience. Once this content has resonated with your Birmingham-based consumers, you will then be likely to experience an upward spike in your footfall.

Align yourself with local influencers

Spaghetti Junction, Cadbury World, and the mighty Blues aren’t the only things that Birmingham is famous for. In the last few years, the city has also become known for its wealth of talented web-based content creators. The likes of Nabiila Bee, James Earnshaw, and Shantania Beckford have worked tirelessly to put Brum on the map when it comes to social media influencing, and you should take full advantage of the services that they provide. Aligning yourself with local influencers is one of the best things that you can do in your bid to take your business to the next level, simply because it will help you to tailor your marketing campaigns around regional consumer bases. Once your company’s name, logo, and brand are associated with the influencers mentioned above, your local audience will no doubt consider you to be an authoritative figure in the Birmingham-based market.