How to Transform Your Garden

Your outdoor space is the extension of your home; therefore, you may have the ambition to give it that ‘wow’ factor, just as you would when designing your interior. A garden can either be a luxurious paradise or a cluttered and run-down nightmare with so many unfinished jobs that you just don’t know where to start. This may cause you to neglect it for years on end and allow the problem to worsen.

Transforming your garden doesn’t have to be difficult, however. There are plenty of ways you can give your garden a simple spruce-up to achieve an effective result. In this guide, we’re going to list just a few ways you can transform your garden.

1. Lay Artificial Grass

The appearance of your lawn can either make or break the appearance of your outdoor space. A bug infestation or too much sun can cause bald spots or dried out patches which can take a long time to re-grow when new seeds are planted. As an alternative, you could decide to lay down artificial turf which is both maintenance-free and extremely cost-effective in the long term. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about watering it or feeding it and it also looks extremely realistic.

2. Clean the Decking

Decking is a popular feature in plenty of gardens within the UK, however, some homeowners are unsure as to how to maintain it. Over time, it can become grimy and potentially even start to rot without following the correct cleaning procedure. As your decking is exposed to the elements throughout the year, it will need to be regularly cleaned and preserved to prevent the wooden slats from disintegrating and having to fork out on costly repairs.

3. Landscaping

If you wish to give your garden a huge makeover, landscaping is certainly the answer. Not only will it give your outdoor space a brand-new look, but it can even improve the value of your home, which is ideal if you’re planning on putting your home on the market in the near future. Buyers are more inclined to spend more on a home that has curb appeal than a property with very little attention to detail. Although some homeowners hire professionals to carry out a landscaping job, it’s easy enough to manage this project on a DIY basis by following how-to-guides and purchasing landscaping supplies.

4. Water Feature

Regardless of how big or small your garden may be, adding a water feature can instantly add a touch of interest to the space. This could be as simple as incorporating a birdbath within the shrubbery for small gardens, or if your garden is larger, you could consider building a pond filled with wildlife. Researchers have discovered that the sound of water has calming qualities which releases the chemical of Serotonin in the brain, to help you feel much more relaxed and less stressed. If you spend a great deal of time in your garden to unwind, a water feature could be the perfect addition.