Intimacy and Relationships

Intimacy forms part of every relationship and is vital for bonding partners together and going beyond things being just friends. Many relationships grow out of friendships and can be stronger for it, however there can be issues with intimacy when people have past histories or hang ups they cannot shake off.

These issues if not dealt with properly can become real barriers to two people moving forward and living a happy life together. Intimacy is an essential way to display affection and attraction.

One of the common anxieties with regards to intimacy is sexual performance. Many people may have had bad experiences or felt they were not good enough in past relationships which can carry over into new ones.

There can be insecurities, people’s bodies change as they get older, or for those who do not exercise and keep fit this can impact the confidence when it comes to intimate encounters with a partner. Physical aspects can sometimes be medical or merely anxiety, nevertheless all these things can be resolved usually with a visit to your doctor or chat with a therapist. It is vital any insecurities are resolved to enable a full healthy relationship to prosper and last.

Many people fear being intimate in case of letting go of their emotions and feelings, opening up to someone else can be a scary prospect and one which can lead to a feeling of being exposed and vulnerable. It is natural to feel this way but it can cause people to hold back from being intimate as that is the final barrier and letting go with someone fully emotionally and physically.

Feeling social anxiety too can be a big draw back for people who are getting close to someone, it can lead to a reluctance to go out and meet up, even leaving the house. A feeling of self doubt and low self esteem is damaging as the other person may not realise what you are going through and it could lead to breakdown in communication which in turn builds barriers to intimacy and harbours a lack of trust.

Body image is a huge barrier to those wanting to be intimate with a partner, how we think others will perceive us plays a bug role in how we are with them when it comes to being intimate. Lakc of exercise and fitness routines can lead to obesity or other conditions with regards to eating can lead to weight loss, both of which lower our self esteem and become hurdles which need to be jumped to allow us to feel relaxed with intimacy in a relationship.

Essentially communication is the key and there are several online help sites such as ReGain who can help build that confidence and allow you to jump the hurdles of insecurity thus enabling a more confident approach to intimacy when dating or asking out that special someone.

We all want to feel confident and secure in ourselves, feeling relaxed and happy with intimacy is part of that. Online help or a chat with your doctor can help resolve most anxieties.