Is your new date on the rebound?

We all just want to find happiness, a partner and someone we can fall in love with, the happy ever after, sadly there are some people out there who really are toxic for our happiness and this can be found anywhere you care to look, whether it is meeting someone off a dating site, or a colleague at work, a running club or even the bus stop! Toxic people hide it well and without knowing someone’s past history and private life, or without speaking to their exes it is unlikely a new boyfriend or girlfriend will volunteer this detail. If you haven’t found the love of your life yet, then it’s the right time to click here and learn the best way to meet the woman and win her over.

It is worth taking time to get to know someone before you jump in head first to anything new. The warning signs can be there if you just take time.

One of the most common mistakes people make is when they are not over an ex, and are simply looking to get over someone by dating afresh. It is a selfish and unpleasant thing to do but sadly a fact of life. Some people will not give themselves time to heal or get over a past love, and can then date before they are ready.

The problem with this is the unsuspecting new partner will be walking into a hornets nest of mixed up emotions. People who are on the rebound will hide that fact but with the right questions early on most will be honest.

It is always worth asking if someone still has feelings for a past love, and if they are still in contact. Do they even chat on the phone? If the answer is yes it is often the case feelings on one side or possibly bot are still there and a big warning sign. It is far healthier to have a complete break from exes to enable you to move on.

Living in the same house or flat, working with one another, or socialising are all signs someone may still be involved with an ex, even as a friend, it means any new relationship is bound to be discussed with the ex thus leading to insecurities and jealousies which can manifest in the new partner.

If someone is serious about moving on they will definitely not still be having cosy meals or theatre nights or lengthy walks and telephone chats with an old flame.

Coldness after intimacy can be one example, or a flurry of messages to get your attention followed by periods of silence are all strong indicators you are playing fall back for this person when the ex is not around. Going to the same places their ex took them or goes can be a sign your new partner wants to accidentally bump into his or her ex and cause a jealous reaction.

It is always best to be observant and talk openly early on so as to avoid being drawn into someone else’s drama and establishing if the ex is still on the scene is the first question which should be asked. You could save yourself a great deal of hassle in the long run by being brave and open.

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