Article Gallery – Birmingham City University

Article gallery is a new public gallery and project space within Birmingham City University’s School of Art.

The aim of the space is to connect with contemporary debates and issues within the art world, with local, national and international contributors.

ARTicle’s focus is to present invited art professionals who explore and critically engage with current curatorial debates and practices within wider Art production.

ARTicle is ever aware of its context within the Art School educational environment and with that in mind will aim to function as a discursive space that engages with and reflects on contemporary and historical Art practices.

ARTicle will endeavour to negotiate and bridge the boundary between internal producers and production and interesting practices within the larger Art world. Taking this into consideration ARTicle will work with a variety of contributors on the local, national and international stage.

The space is directed by Mona Casey artist-curator in conjunction with the MA Contemporary Curatorial Practice course at the School of Art, BCU.

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