Benjamin Vaughan Bespoke Shirt makers & Tailors

Benjamin Vaughan are a dynamic team of Shirt makers & Tailors based in Birmingham, and who work exclusively for those who are particular about their appearance and understand the importance in the way they dress.

Benjamin Vaughan make rare, exotic, one-of-a-kind shirts, suits, jackets, cufflinks, ties and of course the complementing hankie to match. They ensure the attire fits immaculately with the unique taste of the individual we work with.

All Benjamin’s suits are tailored to the highest standards. The cut is precise, sharp and shaped to the contours of your body. You can choose single or double-breasted, one, two, three or even four buttoned jackets.. Bespoke suits come with fully working sleeves as standard, with as many external and internal pockets as you wish. There are dozens of lining options, plain or patterned, and can offer contrasting coloured stitching, buttonholes and pocket jettings.

“We design outfits, not just shirts. All we do is help people to have a stunningly good-looking ensemble, that gets noticed and that keeps our clientele coming back time and time again…” -Benjamin Vaughan

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