Live Blackjack – A Real Gambling Experience

If you like playing in online casinos then probably Blackjack is one of your favorites. It is an easy and intriguing game that entertains gamblers around the world for more than 3 centuries. Live Blackjack, on the other hand, provides a complete experience and fills the gap between the modern virtual gameplay and classic land-based casino halls.

Live Blackjack: the origin

The first appearance of Live Blackjack is actually with the debut of the live casino. Only a few years after online gambling was presented, gaming companies faced a major issue. Many of the players initially thrilled by the newly revealed opportunities admitted that the gameplay could be a bit boring. And that had the potential to end the boom of the iGaming industry.

However, the lack of an emotional touch could have been predicted by the gaming providers and, in fact, it was. That is why around 1996, when the first online casino was launched it was accompanied with a live dealer blackjack version. It was only a try to see how the gambling community will react. And it became a touchdown. Having the chance to communicate with a real professional dealer pretty much removed all the differences between the classic and virtual casino play. 

Naturally, online casinos would end up adding all other classic games in their portfolio. The fact, however, is that gamblers firstly had the opportunity to play live blackjack online.

Features and advantages

For people who don’t have much trust in the iGaming industry, the live dealer option is a must. With the help of the newly-developed section, casinos are building trust and showing that there is nothing shady there. Thus, you can relax and have a good time. 

Usually, live blackjack dealers are not only professionally trained but often native speakers. That is something classic brick-and-mortar casinos can’t offer. Sometimes you can choose if the croupier is male or female and even to stick to a specific one. Another plus is that you can immediately ask if something worries you. You are watching how the card deck is shuffled. Furthermore, this can be your guideline for developing a successful strategy.

Live blackjack tables are opened 24/7. You can play alone and feel like a real VIP. No more annoying conversations and beginner’s mistakes. Live blackjack real money platforms are the best place to hone your skills and eventually win.

If you are going to play live blackjack online you have to consider the betting limits. Most of the gambling platforms have strict rules for minimum and maximum bets you can place. For example, you can’t bet less than 5 euro or more than 250. That could be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. If you are a high roller that rule might not be of your taste. But it was created to protect gamblers and to prolong their game and respectively, experience.

Best places to play Live Blackjack

To have the best live blackjack online experience you need first to look for a trustworthy software provider. Many users are leaving useful reviews where you can see what they liked and the issues they’ve faced. Don’t hesitate to spend an hour or two before funding your account. Despite the regulations there’re still plenty of fraudsters out there.

Look for bonuses, too. In order to draw new players to their live blackjack online casino, operators are offering some pretty good welcome offers. For example, you can start with a no deposit bonus first to make sure that the experience is what you’re looking for. Then fund your account in order to get the real deal. Often, you’ll be able to get 100% over your initial deposit. You must, however, meet the wagering requirements before making any withdrawals. Remember though, that live blackjack as any other casino game is risky and withdrawing any bonus will not be a piece of cake.

Evolution live blackjack

Blackjack Evolution gaming is an experience like no other. The software provider brought the game to new heights. Make sure to check what they’re offering as it might intrigue you. 

A quick look at their website shows an ocean of amazing opportunities. Starting from speed live blackjack, through Bet Behind variation, Perfect Pairs and even Pre-Decision tables, 

if you’re looking for a party blackjack then that’s your place for sure!

Final words

Live Blackjack is a truly amazing adventure that needs to be experienced by every fan of 888 casino games. It provides all of the advantages of classic casinos and pretty much isolates any unpleasant aspects. In addition, you can benefit from the enormous amount of dazzling new features and software solutions. And despite the rest, online casinos provide unlimited instant access. Straight from the comfort of your home, simply grab a drink and enjoy your own Live Blackjack fun trip.