Money-Saving Tech Secrets That Will Change the Way You Buy Electronics

When it comes to new technology releases, it’s almost expected that we’ll be forced to pay a ridiculous premium for certain goods. Whether it’s the latest iPhone or a brand new laptop, you can expect to pay close to retail price with no discounts for at least several months. Because of this, it can feel like technology is extremely expensive to keep up with, hence why many people stick to older phones and laptops until they really need to upgrade.

But did you know that there are some money-saving tech secrets that could change the way you see those purchases? In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the most life-changing tips and advice from experts that will change the way you approach electronics purchases.

Only buy extra care options if you really don’t think you’ll be able to take care of your device

When you buy a new piece of tech such as a laptop or a phone, a lot of people will go with the extra care options that protect their device. After all, if a device costs £1,000 and it only costs £100 to ensure it, that’s a pretty fair deal. Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to make use of this because they’re actually careful with their device. If you can afford the extra £100 on top then it’s worth the added peace of mind, but if you want to save that and put it into accessories or something else, then just be more careful with your device. Spend it on protection such as a hard case or a screen protector and learn to be more careful.

Make sure you look at model names and numbers to see technical specifications

For tech-savvy individuals, it’s common to look at model names and numbers in addition to technical specifications. This is because there are different models of laptops and phones which offer different internal specs. Some phones might come with certain storage limits, and more expensive versions of a phone might have better RAM or a different camera. When you’re buying a tech product that has different iterations, it’s important for you to look at the technical specs to see what the differences are and ensure that you’re getting the right thing. This is important when you buy a product that’s on sale because you could be buying a lower-tier model with less performance. Wording can be tricky in some cases, so always look at the technical specs of a device before you decide to buy it.

Be savvy about online shopping and always look for deals before buying

Online shoppers can save a lot of money if they’re careful and smart about their purchases. For example, websites like have plenty of codes and discounts that can be used to save a huge chunk of money on certain websites. In addition, you can sign up for websites and services that will periodically send you discounts for their products, especially if you’ve shown interest in it. You can also follow these businesses on social media to see when they have sales. Another aspect of being savvy with internet shopping is doing research on the products you buy so that you know you’re buying something that is worth the money.

Consider refurbished if you’re buying something that is a bit older

Buying refurbished goods can seem like a gamble, but in reality, it’s actually safer than buying a brand-new product. The reason for this is because refurbished goods tend to have the same or even better warranty than brand-new products. In addition, refurbished goods are usually repaired to a high standard, meaning that their components are brand-new and tested before being sold. You’ll also have extra peace of mind when buying newer models. It’s becoming far too common to see new products released with all kinds of different flaws, such as bending or poor cooling which results in bad performance. Refurbished products tend to fix these flaws, giving you confidence in your purchase and sidestepping launch day issues.

Some final words

Buying technology can be expensive and daunting, so it’s important to focus on being a smarter shopper and learning about these products and their technical specs. If you do your research, you’ll find that there are plenty of bargains around. In some cases, you’ll actually save a lot of money by investing more into a tech product instead of buying something cheap that will be replaced in the near future.