Online Scratch Cards in the UK

Traditionally, scratchcards or instant lottery cards are small paper cards with plastic coatings to protect pins, numbers, images or prizes. The plastic is scratched off to reveal the win, or lose of the game hence the name ‘scratch card’.

However, scratch cards these days can also be found and played online. There are many scratch cards online UK, and around the world where the player needs to sign up and confirm age and then choose their card. In the UK the player must be aged 18 or over as with casinos or gambling arcades.

Online scratchcards are simple to play and instant. Online scratchcards are very to the traditional paper or card, with some added features which you don’t get with over the counter cards. For example, if you win with an online scratchcard, you receive your winnings instantly! Instant win online scratchcards are available in the UK at prices to suit the players spend, often ranging from £1 to £10. With traditional scratch cards you either have to call to confirm your win or present the card at a news agent to receive the pay out.

So the benefits of online pay is the instant payout, similar to a slot machine.

The difference in game play between card and online scratchcards is mainly mechanics. Instead of scratching a card to reveal your hidden numbers on a printed scratchcard, online scratchcards use Random Number Generators (RNG) to get your card’s number combination. These are similar to online bingo games.

The first scratch cards were created with manual randomization techniques. Things progressed and by the mid 1970s a US company, Scientific Games Corporation, had built the first computer-generated instant lottery game. As technology advanced and the industry developed, another company named Astro-Med managed to take out a patent for what was to become known as the the instant scratch-off lottery ticket.

Online scratch cards can offer the player a greater variety of games and wins more quickly and from the comfort of their own home, or for those who live busy lives, on the move, on public transport or on work breaks or even walking around. The colourful and enticing games can be creative and fun to play, where traditional paper scratch cards can be a bit one dimensional and boring, online scratch cards are interactive and interesting and there are literally thousands available at the click of a button.

The probability of a player winning is up to chance with scratch cards, as there’s no skill players can learn and improve their game play to increase their chances of winning that all elusive prize.

Similar to online slots, instant win games offer an indicated Return To Player (RTP). An RTP is an amount which shows what return you are likely to receive. For instance, on a game with a 95% RTP, players might receive £0.95p for every £1.00 wagered.

This does not mean players receive a return with every play. It is a calculated chance of a return over a prolonged period of game play.

Online scratchcards work differently depending on if a player buys the scratchcard on a desktop or mobile device. For a desktop, players click on the different sections and wiggle the mouse to ‘scratch’ off the panel.

On mobile devices, players use a finger to show the numbers or symbols instead as it takes advantage of touch screen technology. Games will usually include a ‘reveal’ button to show all the symbols at once, which provides an instant result. The rules of online scratchcards change slightly from website to website and it is always important to read the terms and rules of play before you commit to play.

Online scratchcards have become extremely popular in recent years and almost every major casino operator offers the option. These are nearly always listed as “scratchcards” or “instant games”.

When players purchase an scratchcard online, the principle concept is no different to a traditional scratchcard, both are forms of gambling by revealing hidden numbers or symbols with wins based on chance and luck, rather than skill.

Setting up an account is usually required before game play with a credit which the player needs to add to enable purchase of their chosen scratch card. Each card offers rows with various symbols which can have cash amounts or other prizes hidden underneath.

A simple click of the mouse or drag of the cursor will reveal the hidden characters and determine if it’s a win or lose. Online scratch cards are so popular because they are set up to provide engaging fun, with a potential to win some good prizes, quickly and easily.

Scratch cards are sometimes bought in bulk spreading the odds and increasing chances of smaller prizes or winning a single larger prize. Some people split the cost of buying multiple cards among friends and share the experience together.

With online scratch cards fast, secure, definitely more entertaining, the digital version of scratchcards also have a huge advantage over their card counterparts, your finger nails don’t get gunged up with all that silver gunk, and there is no worry about losing your wining card, which can be a real nightmare with a big win.

So, to sum up, online scratch cards are quick and fun to play, engaging, colourful and entertaining, there are no risks of losing your winnings, you can choose from literally dozens of different games online in an instant and they can be played with friends anywhere and any time of the day or night!