Shopping for CBD Oil in Birmingham? 4 Tips to SAVE!

You may have recently heard something about CBD oil. This non-intoxicating cannabis compound is growing increasingly popular, with as many as six million Brits having tried some type of CBD supplement.

Yet, despite it’s supposed ability to relieve everything from pain to anxiety, there’s one major barrier to using CBD oil: high prices. A product that lasts you about a month can easily cost upwards of £80.

In this article, we’ll discuss four strategies to help you save when shopping for CBD oil in Birmingham. Don’t forget you can also buy CBD Oil Supplements online from valuable resources such as Blessed CBD.

  • Calculate and Compare CBD Costs

A helpful money-saving strategy is to know how much you’re paying per one mg of CBD. This way you can compare the cost of CBD oils from different retailers and know whether your chosen product is cheaper or more expensive than average.

To figure out this cost, divide the CBD oil’s price by the amount of CBD it contains. For example, a £60 oil with 900 mg CBD would have a cost of 60/900 = £0.067 per mg of CBD.

Generally speaking, a CBD cost of £0.05–£0.08 per mg is considered low, which means you’ll save money. Nonetheless, cheap doesn’t always mean quality, so it’s important to consider other factors such as customer reviews and third-party lab tests when shopping for CBD oil.

Also, be aware that CBD oil can be made with one of two types of hemp extract: full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. Whereas full-spectrum oils contain all of the beneficial compounds found in hemp, isolate oils contain only purified CBD. Full-spectrum oils are more effective so they will cost more per mg of CBD.

  • Use a CBD Oil Coupon

Secondly, we recommend that you look for coupons and promo codes when shopping for CBD oil. Finding these coupons is as easy as Googling “UK CBD oil coupon” or something similar. A typical coupon can net you savings of 5%-20%, which is quite significant for a product like CBD oil.

British CBD oil retailer CBD Shopy is offering a 15% discount to Birmingham residents on all products listed on their store, if you’re new to CBD oil we recommend checking out their review of UK’s top 7 CBD oils. This particular coupon is active until January 1, 2020, and can be used by adding the code “CBD15” on checkout.

By combining all of these tips together, you can significantly reduce the costs of CBD oil. As one final note, we recommend doing plenty of research before buying a CBD product, taking care to read product and brand reviews.

  • Buy In Bulk

We already use this strategy to save money on other items, such as buying a pack of toilet paper instead of one roll at a time. A similar tip can also work with CBD oil: simply buy more of it at a time.

The reason why is simple: when you buy CBD oil you’re not just paying for the CBD but the bottle, dropper or spray, packaging, and other ingredients. As such, when you buy a CBD oil with a small amount of CBD, these other items will amount to a significant portion of the overall cost.

For example, if you buy a 30 mL CBD oil with 300 mg of CBD, you’ll end up paying a lot more per mg of CBD than if you bought the same 30 mL tincture with 1200 mg of CBD. Indeed, buying CBD oils with higher CBD concentrations can cut costs by as much as 10-20%.

Better yet, buying a tincture with more CBD will save you money on shipping costs, because you’ll be able to use it longer before it runs out. Some vendors like Zamnesia offer free shipping for bulk orders that exceed €150.

  • Make Use of Free Shipping

One less obvious tip to save on CBD oil is to make use of free shipping offers. Many British CBD brands offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount, which goes along with the strategy of buying CBD oils with larger CBD amounts.

For example, if a retailer offers free shipping on orders over £90, you can look for a high-potency CBD oil that costs more than this amount. Some UK CBD retailers even offer free shipping on all orders, regardless of cost.