Social Media Strategies for the Beauty Industry

Social media has become a mainstream channel for marketing, brand engagement, and direct customer interaction. This social media boom has benefited almost every industry. However, the beauty industry is the one that has leveraged the most of this rapid inroads of social media in day to day life. As beauty brands have social followings much higher than compared to any other industry. However, this led to cut-throat competition among brands and extremely tiresome for newcomers. This blog will discuss ideas and strategies related to an Instagram post, Facebook stories, YouTube intro maker, and much more to streamline your social media campaign. 

  • Create a Community to Boost Your Brand

Brands matter a lot for millennials. As a cosmetic and beauty brand, you must tap into this brand association mindset and design your social post in such a way that resonates with them. Investing in building a community of buyers and followers using social sites will ensure that your posts will get a higher number of shares and, ultimately, higher traction. 

As a beauty product marketer, finding a unique voice and keeping your content focused on is the key to gaining a massive following on social domains. Avoid doing collared stuff like blatantly promoting your product and blasting social feeds by offers and product images. Instead, add value to your followers by making how-to and explainer videos. 

Always add a call to action (CTA) on your posts, like sharing your feedback, experience, and inspiration. This will keep them hooked with your social posts and the brand. The best way to promote any brand is to be part and parcel of your customer’s life. 

  • Use Multiple Format of Social Videos

No doubt that people are fond of in-depth tutorial and explainer videos on social sites. However, the engaging, entertaining, and bite-sized how-to format is the best-suited one for the beauty and cosmetic industry. It acts as a sort of live demo of the product. 

Influencers working in this sector frequently use mini beauty lessons or quick tips to look gorgeous in a minute format for videos, especially on Instagram. You, too, can leverage these formats and post 30-second or 1-minute videos on Instagram Stories or Facebook stories. As these modes of brand promotion are still evolving, there is a lot to explore for businesses. 

Micro-influencers Are the New Stars

In the last couple of years, the influencer industry has gone through some huge shifts. Although big movie stars and celebrities are still holding the fort, things have changed greatly as buyers want to interact with real people having resemblance with their day-to-day struggles. And that’s where micro-influencers come in. 

They are the people who have built their communities based on trust, loyalty, and authenticity. As a brand, if you are planning to approach influencers, search out for the authentic ones, not those with paid followers. To analyze the potential of any particular influencer, have a look at the numbers and engagement on multiple social platforms, only then induce them in your social and video marketing strategies. 

  • Focus on User-Generated Content (UGC)

No other marketing strategy is as effective as when your buyer becomes the marketer and promotes your brand. The best bet for any brand to be more authentic is by encouraging their buyers to be a part of their campaign and tag themselves in their posts. 

Several brands are standing tall only by riding this user-generated content strategy. By effectively utilizing hashtags and keywords, many businesses have generated a huge army of followers that testify their brand. Mention, to create a sense of belonging and community on social sites, hashtags, and user-generated content can act as much needed glue to hold things together and keep moving forward. 

  • Keep the Audience Engaged through Conversations 

Consistency is an essential part of any social media campaign. It is quite possible that there will be some hits and misses in your campaign. But not posting for two weeks in a row and then uploading somewhat like 8 posts in a day will not work. The convenient way to be frequent and consistent is to maintain a calendar. 

However, it is quite possible to miss some deadlines. In those situations, try to engage your audience with some conversation. You can either ask some questions or play a quiz or do some fun activity as long as users are engaged. Mention, try to be fun in those interactions and expand your horizons by inculcating stuff that is not particularly linked to your industry.

  • Maintain a Content Library

It might not directly influence your social postings, but segregating things on the backend can help you streamline your digital marketing campaign. Any beauty brand has to manage a ton of content, including product photos, UGC, promotional videos, influencer’s posts, etc. To get things right and be quick, organizing your content library can be a big plus one.

Always keep in mind that people are 24×7 active on social sites, and a single here and there in posting can be a meme and might harm your marketing efforts. Additionally, arranging things as templates can save time and reduce stress. 


As many brands fighting for the common space, gaining new followers, setting trends, and having a unique voice are of utmost crucial and daunting tasks. Suppose you are concerned about how to make videos and to create compelling posts. In that case, there are several online YouTube and Instagram video editors that can assist you in making eye-catching videos in a few minutes, and that too for free. The things discussed in the blog are a good way to start with if you are planning to start or being the best in the beauty industry. Although there is a nail-biting competition in the space, the best time to get things started is right now. The sooner, the better, as things are still evolving.