Street Oil Causing Lung Illness. Not Vaping

The popularity of vaping has been on the rise in recent years. While some people are vaping out of curiosity, there is a population that has fallen in love with vaping thanks to its affordability and this is something that delta 8 THC vendors and other vaping businesses can use to their advantage. Apart from that, it is said to be much safer. With vaping becoming more of a mainstream leisure activity, there is a lot of misinformation about it. In this piece, we seek to address one of the most common misconceptions that surrounds vaping.

Is vaping causing lung illness?

A few people have ended up in the emergency room for vaping-related health problems. Some of the complaints from these patients include difficulty in breathing. According to doctors’ reports, the patients’ lungs are showing signs of inflammation. The rising cases of lung illness emanating from vaping have been linked to THC oil. This oil comes in sleek-looking cartridges. At the NYU Winthrop Hospital, a doctor asked the patients where they got the THC cartridges. Surprisingly, most of them got THC from a party or friend.

Doctors decided to test one of the THC cartridges brought in by a patient. To the doctor’s dismay, the THC bottle tested positive for vitamin E acetate. It is suspected that THC acetate is responsible for the lung illness. Manufacturers of vaping liquids say that there a lot of counterfeit vape juices made by unscrupulous traders. For this reason, you should buy e-cigarette from a genuine and verified outlet or vendor.

Street oil is causing lung illnesses

Due to the high demand for vape juice, a crop of illegal manufacturers has emerged. The problem is that these manufacturers can ship their products to different countries. You can no longer be sure that the juice you are using is from the original manufacturer. This is because the fake products are designed to resemble the original ones. The makers of the counterfeit vaping products identify a popular fast-moving product and try to replicate it. They then find ways to lure buyers and sell them the street oil. If you buy your vape liquid from random sites, you will likely end up with street oil that is hazardous to your health. And this how people are ending up in the hospital from vaping-related health complications.

As you can see, the black market is responsible for most substandard or counterfeit vaping oils. As a vaping enthusiast, you should refrain from buying vaping oils off the streets. If you are going to order these products, find trusted suppliers and stick to them. That said, vaping is not the cause of lung illness. Street oil and other counterfeit vaping products are the problems.

If you enjoy vaping, you should be tremendously cautious about where you buy vaping oils. Don’t put your health at risk for a quick vape. Otherwise, you’ll be exposing your lungs to substances that can severely harm it. And even though you could recover from this illness, you could end up with permanent lung damage.