Surprising Findings About How People Actually Buy Clothes

As consumer preferences are changing, the retail industry keeps on reinventing itself. The apparel brands around the world these days are investing more in leading online presence with enhanced shopping facilities. Many of them are using the latest technologies to add interactive features to complement websites and apps online.

The big players in the market and renowned manufacturing agents are looking for new product collections to satisfy the rising demands of the new-age buyers. The fashion trends are changing every week and so doesn’t the craving of the buyers.

A group of professionals recently took a survey in the market to know the buying behaviors of the consumers. Here we have listed a few surprising findings from the ongoing fashion industry revolution:

The myth about omnichannel shopping

Within the past few years, a buzzword has been circulated in the market about omnichannel shopping. They say that consumers these days combine online interactions and store visits to lead their shopping journey. But in actual, although the omnichannel concept is growing, almost 83% of the shoppers prefer to follow single-channel, preferably they visit the traditional stores to make apparel purchases today. In this scenario, no matter how well you are using online branding tactics, the apparel companies also need to focus on the customization of their physical stores. Make sure your customers experience an engaging and convenient buying experience at your shopping platforms.

Online purchase influence more spending

Shopping journeys that include online purchases are highly affected by basket size. When people visit the physical store, they try to limit their purchase, mainly because they don’t want to carry more. But as online shopping offers the convenience of doorstep delivery, people love to explore the extensive product range online. Also, it is easier to influence customers to make a purchase by providing them information relevant to their interests online. The basket size and the incentives can be updates as per unique customer preferences. The businesses need to understand the buyer’s journey more closely while building a solid relationship in the long run. a satisfied customer is likely to visit your store again or may recommend your brand to some of their near and dear ones.

Brand image plays important role in sales online

Direct to customers brand stores are likely to generate almost 80% higher sales as compared to the multi-brand stores online. A specific store boosts the value of a brand and induces customers to spend more than average. It is the most trusted way to build a brand image in the competitive market. Brands are advised to follow their independent sales channel; however, it should not affect their relationship with other retail partners. Furthermore, brands that give customers better opportunities for customization are likely to succeed in their strategy online. Whether you are selling apparel, shoes, or any other fashion accessories, providing freedom for personalization of products may ensure the success of your business online.

Satisfied customers are likely to return

Here comes the key to lead a successful sales strategy. Brands that have a satisfied customer base in the market are more likely to beat competitors online. In fact, the growth of a business is highly dependent on the customer journey and their purchase experiences with the brand. If you are able to help them achieve the desired shopping experience, they are likely to return to your business. This is the best trick to generate a loyal customer base for your business. You can also motivate your buyers to follow subscription-based services and be a part of the tailored advertising campaigns. Never forget to send reminders to your potential buyers depending upon their purchase history and buying behaviors. It may help you to build solid relationships with buyers around the world.

These findings show that the business industry has revolutionized by a considerable level. The brands and the retailers are now advised to follow advanced sales strategies and marketing ideas to capture the audience’s attention. It may help them to lead a profitable, smooth, and growing business. Align your niche collection as per the preferences of the potential buyers and follow advanced technology fixes to boost business reputation online. You can contact professionals at to maintain a pace with technology advanced business industry while highlighting potential of your niche online.