This Is How to Wear Perfume the Correct Way

In order to smell fabulous, you need to apply the right amount of perfume. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to wear perfume.

Looking for the best way to complement a fantastic outfit? All it takes is a couple of spritzes of your best perfume! With a heavenly aroma surrounding you, you’re bound to turn some heads.

But, what if you’re not sure how to wear perfume? While it easily dresses up any look, you have to apply it the right way to smell fabulous!

To learn how to smell good (almost) effortlessly, keep reading. We’ll share our top tips for wearing perfume and making it last!

Spray It Onto Your Clothing

Do you want to enjoy long-lasting whiffs of fragrance all day? Spray a little perfume on your clothing to help it last longer. Be careful, though, because some types of perfume can stain certain fabrics.

By wearing perfume on your clothing, you’ll get a light boost to your scent. Aim for the outside of them, or add a spritz to the inner lining. For even more fragrance coverage, try spraying a small cloud of perfume in the air and walking through its mist to get it all over your clothing.

Avoid Rubbing It Onto Your Skin

Perfumes are meant to sit at the surface of your skin so they can mix with your body’s natural oils. When you rub fragrance in after spraying it, you ruin its overall integrity. Don’t make this mistake, especially if you don’t want the scent to fade or get altered.

Rubbing wipes away the fragrance’s top notes, leaving behind only part of the aroma you love. And, you also risk causing it to dry out, which means it’ll get less noticeable.

Layer Your Scents With Care

Do you want to create an irresistible blend of scents on your skin? Try layering some of your perfume options with other fragrances by using scented body lotion or oil. With the right combination, you’ll achieve a beautiful and long-lasting result that turns heads!

Avoid going overboard or using fragrances that overpower each other. Instead, look for ones that are complementary. A handy tip to remember is that single-note scents always make the best perfume for layering!

Apply Fragrance to Your Pulse Points

Make sure you spray your perfume directly onto your skin. It’s the best way to give a scent, like Lady Million, something to hold onto. Plus, your body’s natural warmth helps to invigorate the aroma.

For an even better boost, only apply perfume to your pulse points! These areas include your chest, behind the ears, and the insides of your wrists, elbows, and knees. Veins sit near the skin’s surface at these points, creating extra warmth to strengthen your fragrance.

Keep This Guide on How to Wear Perfume Handy

When your outfit seems to be missing its best finishing touch, consider adding a spritz or two of your favorite fragrance. Not sure how to wear perfume the right way? Just keep this guide at your fingertips, and you’ll always know how to smell good!

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